FIFA World Cup 2022: Argentine Reporter Gets Robbed While Being On Air

Argentine reporter mobbed

The FIFA World Cup 2022 has begun with an absolute bang as we have witnessed some heart-throbbing action in the first three days itself. We witnessed one of the biggest upsets in international football yesterday when the Argentina football team lost to the Saudi Arabia football team 1-2.

Bizarre news has now emerged out of Qatar. According to the Mirror, an Argentine reporter was robbed of the belongings of her handbag while she was doing a live broadcast. She was doing a Piece to the camera before the opening game between Qatar and Ecuador when this robbery took place.

However, what startled her more was the response of the local police to her complaint. According to the journalist Dominique Metzger, the local police asked her what punishment she would want the robber to have.

“I went to the station and that was when the cultural differences began. The policewoman said to me: ‘We have high-tech cameras everywhere and we are going to locate him [the thief] with face detection. What do you want the justice system to do when we find him?” said Dominique Metzger who was reporting from the opening game of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

She also added, “What justice do you want? What sentence do you want us to give him? Do you want him to be sentenced to five years in prison? Do you want him to be deported?”. This was what the police had told her precisely.

Security at FIFA World Cup 2022 is top-notch

Qatar has spent a lot of time and effort in making sure security is foolproof inside the stadium arena and outside of it as well. There have been more than 15,000 cameras installed in the stadium premises with unique facial recognition technology to avoid any wrongdoing in the FIFA World Cup 2022.

In the first game of the FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar was thrashed by Ecuador 2-0. It was a forgettable outing for the host as they also became the first World Cup host to lose their opening match. The gulf between the two sides was visible during the game as the host team surrendered to a potent Ecuador football team.

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