FIFA World Cup 2022: Germany Protest Against FIFA By A Gesture Ahead Of Match Against Japan

Germany football team

The Germany football team displayed unison ahead of their game against the Japan football team and covered their mouths to show protest against FIFA. FIFA had banned players from wearing armbands which promoted inclusivity and diversity in the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

This was because homosexuality is not legal in Qatar. FIFA had banned the teams from sporting the “OneLove” armbands. It had sanctioned the skipper of the England football team Harry Kane for wearing the armband during England’s game against Japan.

During the team picture prior to kick-off, the Germany football team players did this gesture to show their protest against the ban on the “OneLove” armband.

“With our captain’s armband, we wanted to set an example for values ​​that we live in the national team: diversity and mutual respect. Be loud together with other nations. This is not about a political message: human rights are non-negotiable. That should go without saying. But unfortunately, it still isn’t. That is why this message is so important to us.

“Banning us from the bandage is like banning our mouths. Our stance stands,” tweeted DFB, which is the apex body of the Germany football team.

According to FIFA’s rule book, a player would automatically receive a yellow card if they wore the banned “OneLove” band. Before the inception of the tournament, FIFA had promoted its own bands which was a United Nations-backed campaign.

The bands promoted messages like “Share the meal” and “Football unites the world”.   

Germany football team loses to Japan football team

The Germany football team lost the game 1-2 against Japan, much to the disappointment of several German fans across the globe. Japan staged an emphatic comeback in the second half after trailing 0-1 after the first half. It was a pure display of unchained resilience and commitment from the Japanese players as they stunned the entire world with their heroics. The FIFA World Cup 2022 has already witnessed 2 upsets. The first one was the Argentina football team losing to the Saudi Arabia football team.

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