Good Bonuses & Offers
Large User-Base
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February 8, 2021 by KhelTalk

+ Multiple Deposit Options
+ Great Bonuses & Offers
+ Mobile App available

- Nothing Much

Betway India Online Betting Platform

The Betway Group is an online betting company that owns several brands like Betway Sportsbook, Betway Casino, etc. They have a Betway app that was founded way back in 2006 by some sports enthusiasts to bring all the gamblers under one roof. In the last 14 years, Betway India has changed the whole gambling scenario for the gamblers and now they directly place betting online by just sitting back at their home.

It is an international gambling organization that holds the legal license from European Sports Security Association, e-COGRA, and Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) to hold online betting in different countries like UK, Malta, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, South Africa, and Ireland. There is no question over the fact that after crossing the legal hurdles, Betway has set a benchmark for its competitors.

They have their own customer support for the users that helps them and rectify their queries. At the moment, it is one of the leading brands in the gambling industry. They have also entered into the sports industry alongside casino. The gamblers get the opportunity to easily place bets on sports like football, cricket, tennis, etc. Betway has gained the users’ trust with time by offering them the facility that is required while gambling.

Betway India

Bonuses and Promotion for New Users

We will start with bonuses that Betway offers to its new users. And, the process to earn a big bonus in Betway is quite simple and user friendly. The users will get the maximum bonus from Betway if they signup from our website link.

How to create an account on Betway

  • The user will first have to sign up through our website. This is valid for the only new or first time Indian users.
  • The user will have to sign up with full correct details like name, PAN Card, Mobile Number for successful verification.
  • There are chances that if the user signs up with his/her PAN Card, then it will give them an edge during the verification process.

Currently, Betway is giving an offer of a 100% Cash Deposit Bonus up to 2500. Moreover, they have come up with an interesting offer that if the game ends with a boundary on the last ball of selected cricket games then they will provide the user with a free bet as per his stakes up to Rs 1000.

How to deposit money in Betway from India

  • The user will be redirected to the Homepage after the account is created.
  • The user will get a Bank option on the top right corner of the page.
  • They will have to click on that Bank option that will take the user to all the deposit options available for the user.
  • Now, it depends on the users through which method they want to deposit money in Betway Wallet. And, the depositing amount should not be less than INR 200.
  • After depositing INR 200 in the Wallet, the new Indian user gets entitled to get a big bonus from the Gambling site/app.
How to deposit money in Betway from India

Cricket Online Betting on Betway

Betway offers its user along with a facility to place their bets on most of the recorded games going across the world. In India, the gentlemen’s game is followed quite religiously and the people are mad about trying their luck in gambling in cricket. So, Betway offers them the platform to fulfill their wish of placing bets and winning big based on their cricketing knowledge. There are different types of betting odds apart from the general ones for betting. Usually, all the major events are tracked by Betway and they come out with more than 50 types of betting odds and options for the user to start their gambling journey.

Why Betway is the best place for Betting in IPL

Different popular Betting Odds available :

Betway offers betting odds related to first wicket fall, total runs scored by Team A, total runs scored by team B, Best bowler for Team A, Best Bowler for Team B, Best batsman for Team A, Best batsman for Team B, etc. Likewise, they give more than 50 options to the user in order to place their bet. Interestingly, during IPL everyone usually ample options to try and win a big amount from Betway. And, if user wants to earn big bonuses then they will have to sign up on Betway through our website.

Terms and Conditions along with bonuses

Betway offers big offers to its new users with a 100% match bonus cashback facility that can be redeemed by the betters after placing a bet for an amount that should be six times more than the bet. On the other hand, the bonus gets automatically withdraw from the successful bets.

Authorization to hold betting across different countries

Betway is an internationally recognized organization with a license to hold betting across different countries. They cannot any kind of fraud with the customers during any betting. Otherwise, they will have to face its repercussions with immediate effect. They try to keep transparency with the user that gives much-needed confidence to the gamblers while placing bets.

Why Betway is the best place for Betting in IPL

How a user can start betting on Cricket in Betway

  • After creating an account on Betway, the user takes a step closer to place betting on Betway.
  • They just need to deposit a minimum amount of Rs 200 in order to start betting on the gambling app. After depositing the minimum wallet amount, the user is all set to place his/her first bet in order to start their betting journey.
  • Click on the Sports Tab available on the top of the page. Soon, they will get to watch some links related to different sports. Select the “Cricket” option among all mentioned in that chart.
  • Soon the user will get to watch a big list of all the cricket tournaments on which he can place his bet or try his gambling luck.
  • The best part about Betway is that it also offers an option of real-time betting on cricket games to the users.
  • For Example, there is a match between India and Australia and there will be several options available for placing betting like Match Winner, India 1st over-runs, Australia Total Runs, etc.
  • If the user wants to place a bet on India as the match-winner then they will just have to click on the country name that will get directly added to your betting slip.
  • The betting slip will be available on the right with all the details of the winning amount return based on the odds.
  • The final step for the user will be to enter the amount that he wants to wager. For example, if the user places a bet of INR 10 then he will get INR 20.50 according to the odds of 2.50.
  • The final step is to click on ‘Place bet’ to give the final confirmation of the bet.

Now the big question is how to withdraw the winning amount from Betway. The user usually has big questions over the same. So, we have come out with a stepwise method to resolve the query of the users.

How to withdraw money from Betway India

  • The user will have to click on the ‘Bank’ option available on the top right corner of the Homepage.
  • A window will directly appear in front of the user. They will have to spot the withdraw option mentioned in that window that will redirect the user to a new page where they will have to select the amount withdrawn method( INR 1000).
  • Select the preferred transaction mode and fill the account details and amount to be withdrawn.
  • The user will now have to click on the “Withdraw” option to process their request.
  • Now, the Betway team will come into action, who will try to complete the transaction as soon as possible. However, it usually takes 24-48 hours to complete the withdrawal amount transaction by Betway.

The first transaction takes time to complete. The Betway team first reviews the users’ account before completing the withdrawal amount request raised by the user.

Betway withdrawal timing based on different payment modes

  • EWallets: 24 to 48 hours.
  • Credit / Debit Cards: 3 to 5 days.
  • Bank Transfers: 3 to 5 days.

Betway Cricket App

Betway Cricket App

It is not necessary that a user should have a Betway Cricket App to place their bets or gamble on cricket games. The Betway group has pushed an app for the user just to have an enhanced gambling experience. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Betway APK Download
Betway IOS App Download

Customer Support Service :

Betway provides users with 24/7 chat support. They give a response to the users within a time frame of 10 to 30 minutes. The best part is that Betway assist their users in different languages like Hindi and English.

Conclusion and Verdict:

Betway is a one-stop destination for all the gamblers, who can come down under one roof and start gambling. There is no fear of losing money or fraud that has become a trend in recent times. They offer their users with different offers, better odds than their competitors, and a safe environment.

FAQS On Betway India:

Is it safe to play on Betway?

Yes, it is one of the safest gambling platforms with an authorized license. And, Betway is highly secured with SSL encryption.

Is it Legal Play on Betway in India?

Currently, Indian law prohibits gambling in offline mode. In there is no law imposes a restriction on online gambling. So, this makes Betway legal in India.

Does Betway accept money in Indian currency?

Yes, it allows users to deposit and withdraw money in Indian currency. (INR)

How to login to my Betway account?

It is a simple process in which the user will have to directly go onto the website. Fill their credentials like Username, Password. After filling the details they will have to click on Login button.

What are the steps to withdraw my winning amount from Betway?

Just go to the bank option available Homepage of Betway. You will get ‘withdraw’ visible right in front of your screen. You will have to fill the details like payment mode, amount, bank details to process your request.

How to Verify the Betway account?

It is not a very hard thing to do on Betway. You will have to provide your financial details related to your bank account number, name, mobile number, and PAN card. This will be enough to get your account verified on Betway.

FAQS On Betway India

Good Bonuses & Offers
Large User-Base
Fast & Easy Withdrawal

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