T20 WC 2022: Who Is Ellie? Special Fan From England Meets Virat Kohli, Watch

Virat’s Blind Fan

There are supporters of Virat Kohli everywhere. even in nations where cricket is favoured and the sport is not practised. However, one of Kohli’s millions of fans started crying. A young English girl who is blind had a special message for her hero. 

Ellie, a young woman, has become one of Kohli’s biggest fans despite never having seen him play soccer. Kohli has pledged to meet her anytime he is in England after being astounded by her message.

Virat Kohli’s message for Ellie: 

Hi Ellie, it was very, very sweet of you to send this message across to me. To mother as well, thank you so much for such lovely and kind words. I am really honoured and grateful that I was able to make an impact in your life and give you some sort of inspiration. And make you optimistic about life. I can only wish you all the best and may god bless you with all the happiness. I would love to meet you when we come back to England. I am looking forward to meeting you.

Ellie’s message to Virat Kohli: 

The cricket enthusiast told the interviewer that while his entire family enjoys watching and following cricket, for her, Virat is the only Virat. She wants Kohli to keep playing cricket because it motivates plenty of people. Ellie’s mother stated that her daughter was inspired to achieve much in life after hearing Kohli’s biography when she was a little child. Ellie is interested in hearing Kohli’s advice for herself.

“Virat Kohli, I love you. Keep doing what you are doing because it inspires people. I can’t see him but I would love to hear him. That will be very delightful. Cricket is a sport and it makes people happy,” Ellie said.

Watch video – 

“I consider myself very lucky that I am able to make some difference in people’s lives. I have never felt like this before, this is very special for me. He also gave a special message for Ellie and said that he will meet her whenever he comes to England. He also promised to gift his t-shirt and bat to Ellie,” Virat Kohli said on a video uploaded by YouTube channel run by journalist Vimal Kumar.

Kohli celebrated his birthday 

Prior to their practise against Zimbabwe in the 2022 T20 World Cup, Kohli celebrated his birthday in the Indian team’s locker room at the MCG. The Indian media group surprised the ex-Indian captain by bringing him a cake to celebrate the occasion.

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