5 Reasons Why BGMI Live Streaming Is Not Getting Enough Attention

BGMI live

Battlegrounds Mobile India, or BGMI, was among the most popular battle-royale titles when it was first released in India. Several eSports creators jumped on the bandwagon and began streaming BGMI and BGMI tournaments. 

This proved successful for most streamers and content creators, providing them with a surge in views and a whole new level of popularity and visibility amongst the gaming community.

Some professional gamers in India built their careers from the ground up owing to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

However, much to the dismay of these BGMI streamers, BGMI live streaming has not been getting as much attention as it did in the past. If you are wondering why there is a dip in popularity of streams, read ahead to find out.

1. BGMI ban

It has been months since the BGMI ban in India and the hopes of the BGMI unban have been slowly dwindling as the days go by. Thus, in this scenario BGMI streams seem pointless to most in the eSports community.

2. Lack of global prevalence

BGMI is a game that was crafted specifically for the Indian market after the ban of PUBG Mobile in the country. BGMI is an almost exact replica of PUBG Mobile and thus, in other countries where PUBG Mobile is still active, BGMI is considered irrelevant. 

3. Mobile-only game

Many streamers and fans prefer or have begun to prefer PC games over mobile games. Considering that BGMI cannot be played on a PC other than by using an emulator, many in the gaming community have forsaken BGMI.

4. Absence of tournaments

A lot of the BGMI streaming took place while BGMI tournaments or scrims were still active. Recently, Krafton issued a warning that BGMI paid scrims should not be conducted until the BGMI unban takes place. This has further brought down the viewership of BGMI live streaming.

5. Switch to other games 

Owing to the lengthy BGMI ban period, many streamers and gamers have switched to other games after losing hope in the game’s return. This has led to a massive loss in interest in BGMI live streaming. 

Tips & Tricks to improve your BGMI stream

  • Modify your content approach to be more relevant. Although there are no BGMI tournaments at present, you can stream videos about topics such as improving gameplay before the BGMI unban.
  • Stream a mix of different games. Your channel need not cater only to BGMI fans or viewers. When you incorporate other games as well, you will, as an effect, get more views.
  • Incorporate fun elements, anecdotes and humour into your streams.
  • Collaborate with other streamers or host fun interview sessions.
  • Tap into short-form content that is rising in popularity in recent times.

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