3 Best DOTA 2 heroes for beginners

DOTA 2 heroes for beginners

Dota 2 has seemed complex for players since its inception. Starting to play the game can seem like a herculean task, however, it is not impossible, especially if you pick out the right heroes.

Beginners may be confused as to which hero to pick while starting out playing Dota 2. Therefore, we have given below the top 3 heroes that beginners can pick when they start out with playing Dota 2.

1. Crystal Maiden

It may be challenging for new players to exert their influence on the game. Although kills, deaths, and assists are excellent tracking metrics, it’s doubtful that a beginner will accumulate them. Finding alternative methods to make your stamp on the game is preferable, and Crystal Maiden can accomplish this.  Arcane Aura, a team-wide aura that regenerates mana, is her most recognisable ability.

Mana is a common constraint on heroes, whether it is to slow down their farming or keep them topped off for battles. Recent updates have even improved it, granting close teammates additional mana anytime she casts a spell. Despite being mocked for her sluggish mobility, she is a pretty strong hero, especially in lanes.

2. Sniper

If you prefer a ranged hero, Sniper is a carry hero who outranges almost every other character in the game. Thanks to Take Aim, Sniper possesses Dota 2’s longest range. His attack range is increased both passively and actively, and he is able to use Headshot a talent that temporarily slows and knocks his enemies away from him on every strike.  With the use of the spell “Shrapnel,” you can see nearby enemies while also damaging and slowing them down.

Even if attackers are too far away from you, you can still use But this hero is vulnerable and can be attacked easily. It might be challenging to change your location safely after your attacker has located you. Practice using them on your own time. At that point, a variety of repositioning tools and abilities, such as the hero’s Aghanim’s Shard and Hurricane Pike, will be helpful.

3. Ogre Magi

Ogre Magi hero is the simplest to play for beginners. The first spell slows, the second stuns, and the third boosts your friends and towers, making his whole spellbook simple to understand. Your Ultimate gives you the ability to Multi-Cast spells, giving your abilities a chance to unleash bursts of damage that not even the majority of carriers can match.

Ogre Magi is an intelligence hero, but because of his incredible amount of health, you can tank through your blunders. Due to his capacity to enhance carries and protect structures by enhancing surrounding towers, he is extremely useful in the late game as well.

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