Best Free Fire MAX 4-finger layout for new players; All you need to know

Free Fire Layouts

Garena Free Fire is a game that requires a colossal amount of skill and practice if players wish to be good at it. One of the first steps towards becoming more professional in terms of gameplay in Free Fire is to change the HUD layout.

A standard layout for novices is the two-finger layout. This is the default setting handed over by Garena Free Fire. This can seem to be adequate when one starts and is playing with other beginners. However, as time progresses, this layout can be difficult to work with.

When the enemies grow in skill as the levels increase, players need to adapt and bring in quick movements. This is when it becomes necessary to use the three- or four-finger claw. With this technique, players can move faster and retaliate more effectively on advanced difficulty settings.

The four-finger layout suggested below can help players improve their gameplay. 

Suggested four finger layout

Top left: Fire button

Bottom left: Movement button

Top right: Scope button

Bottom right: Shoot button

This layout will ensure that players don’t waste their time while being met by enemies. Quick reflexes will be possible, thereby improving the chances to win. Players can adhere to the claw code and routinely practice to become acclimated to the settings.

Their index fingers can also be used for aiming, changing camera direction, and other tasks like swiping down, controlling recoil, following maps, using scopes, etc.

They can also use their thumbs to fire and move the character in different directions, improving their movement skills. Additionally, during rush games, this claw code will assist players in dodging enemy gunfire.

How to change the HUD Layout

  • Launch Garena Free Fire. 
  • Click on ‘settings’.
  • Click on the “Controls” option.
  • Tap on the “Custom HUD” option to make the changes to the four-finger claw code.

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