FBI And Ssumday Officially Sign With Evil Geniuses For 2023 LCS Season

Evil Geniuses

Esports fans around the world were anticipating the alleged roster transfers in the Evil Geniuses team. The League of Legends free agency for the LCS roster has officially begun. In Evil Geniuses, one of the best teams in the LCS, former 100 Thieves top laner Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho and AD carry Victor “FBI” Huang are joining the squad for 2023. To know more about the transfers, keep reading.

FBI Joins Evil Geniuses

Danny, the star bot laner, was absent from the 2022 LCS Summer Playoffs and Evil Geniuses’ Worlds owing to mental health and bodily discomfort concerns. Missing Danny was a huge blow for Evil Geniuses. Despite the setback, they performed well and have a tremendous core of talent for the future. These new signings will only help to catapult this team forward. Teams will be seeking to make improvements in 2023 that will ideally lead them to a title and a stronger performance at Worlds. FBI has been one of the top players in the LCS for the previous two years, nearly unnoticed. If this squad assists the FBI as they did Danny, they may be as lethal as they were in 2022.

Ssumday Transfer

Another change that Evil Geniuses is making to their roster occurs in the top lane. Impact was not only Evil Geniuses’ longest-serving player at the moment, but also one of the strongest top laners in North America in 2022. However, EG opted to make a change and went for academy prospect Tenacity, but was blocked by 100T. EG was able to replace Impact with the early 100T top laner, Ssumday.

Currently, the starting five players of team EG finished last on the All-Pro team for the 2023 season. Despite the loss of Danny, the squad still has four first-team players owing to Ssumday. FBI is the first non-first-team player to finish as the LCS’s third-best ADC. With the free agent window fully open, teams across all professional league zones will be finalizing their rosters for 2023. Only two teams in the LCS have been announced for the upcoming split, Golden Guardians and EG. We will know more about the rest soon. 

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