5 Free Fire Tips and tricks to tackle Gloo Wall in the game; Know all

gloo wall free fire

In Free Fire, Gloo Wall grenades are a crucial piece of weaponry. The shield instantly surrounds the user and any other players behind the Gloo wall. The first instinct would be to destroy the wall. However,  it is not advisable to do so since they act as bullet sponges and can take a lot of damage.

The Gloo wall in Free Fire will therefore be quite challenging for the enemy if deployed properly. There are alternative approaches, though, to tackle the Gloo Wall. Here, we have a few tips and tricks to overcome Gloo Walls in Free Fire.

1. Flank the enemy

Gloo walls provide superb all-around protection, but players may use them just like any other type of cover. Shoot at the target behind the wall from a different angle instead of through it. Players might be unable to flank if the Gloo wall is too far away. You can also try to find a higher ground to get around the wall.

2. Utilize the M82B

The M82B is the in-game weapon with the most distinctive capabilities. It can penetrate armor and inflict additional damage on vehicles and Gloo walls. In order to reach enemies hidden behind barriers, it can even penetrate them.

3. Make effective use of your flamethrowers and frag grenades.

Tossing frag grenades is one of the simplest ways to deal with Gloo walls. If you get the right angle, you can throw them past the wall and inflict damage on the people behind it. A single grenade will not do the trick. Instead, all teammates should throw them. Due to their short range, flamethrowers aren’t very helpful in Free Fire. Nevertheless, it works well against Gloo Walls. It can melt down Gloo walls in a few seconds. 

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