VALORANT 2022: How To Unlock Harbor Faster In This Game

Agent Harbor

After a long wait and plenty of teases, Valorant finally has a new agent. Agent 21, named Harbor is the new agent in Valorant and has some unique and novel water-bending abilities.

Players of Valorant are extremely excited to unlock this new agent. For those who are looking for a way to do so, here are 3 ways that you can unlock Harbor faster in the game.

1. Focus on daily and weekly missions

Completing daily tasks, which are shown in the main menu, can help you unlock Harbor in Valorant more quickly. Each game of the daily challenge awards more than 5,000 XP. It is important to keep in mind that players can mix these with the standard challenges as well.

Typically, these challenges have simple goals. These straightforward tasks may earn plenty of XP, which is necessary for completing the contracts of Agents like Harbor.

2. Play deathmatch or spike rush game modes

In Valorant, a typical Competitive or Unrated game takes a long time to complete. Although these modes can provide a good amount of XP, they are not the best way to gather points. If you want to unlock Harbor, the quickest game types in terms of maintaining a time-to-XP ratio are spike rush and deathmatch. Spike Rush seldom exceeds 20 minutes, whereas Deathmatch lasts little more than 10 minutes. Players may advance Harbor’s contract and earn XP easily.

3. Buy Habor using VP

Paying using Valorant Points is the quickest way to unlock an Agent in Valorant (VP). Players must pay to add Varun to the roster, making this a microtransaction option. An Agent must spend $2 to reach each level in their contract. Behind the fifth level, Harbor is locked. This implies that in order to unlock him, gamers must pay $10. However, if players get certain levels by engaging in other game types, it may be done more affordably.

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