Minecraft 1.21 Tuff Blocks: All You Need to Know


Tuff now comes in a variety of block types in Minecraft, allowing players even more creative building possibilities with each having its own distinct visual style. 

Tuff has been added which is created from volcanic ash. It’s a pale grey-colored block that you may find in the game by excavating beneath Y=16. 

Tuff is a powerful block with a hardness of 1.5 and a blast resistance of 6. 

Minecraft 1.21 Update Tuff Blocks 

With its expansion, Tuff now has a distinct group of blocks in the Minecraft game, which consists of the following blocks:

  • Polished Tuff in variations for walls, slabs, and stairs 
  • Tuff Bricks: Wall, Slab, Stair, and Chiseled Versions.
  • With regular Tuff blocks, all Tuff varieties may be created with the Stonecutter.

1. Polished Tuff 

The polished variant with the Tuff block is known as polished Tuff in Minecraft. 

Primarily, it is a decorative block that may be utilized to enhance or refine constructions that employ the standard Tuff block. 

A chisel and a standard Tuff block are used in its construction. Polished tuff blocks may be used to create walls, floors, and slabs, giving them flexibility. 

Gamers can choose to make them with a stonecutter or a crafting table.

2. Tuff Bricks 

With the Minecraft 1.21 update, players may now use polished tuff blocks to produce tuff bricks. 

Players may build four tuff bricks by placing 4 polished tuff blocks within a square configuration on a crafting grid. 

Players may turn polished tuff to tuff bricks by using a stonecutter, just like they can with other stone blocks. 

These tuff bricks may also be used to create walls, slabs, and staircases thanks to the stonecutter.

3. Chiseled Tuff

A chiseled variation on polished tuff is called chiseled tuff. If mined with any kind of pickaxe, chiseled tuff falls as an item. 

It drops nothing when mined without a pickaxe. Gamers may position 2 tuff blocks in columns over a crafting grid to make one chiseled tuff block. 

Chiseled tuff has no practical use other than being a beautifying block. 

For chiseled tuff, there aren’t any wall, slab, or stair options currently available.

Although the release date for Minecraft 1.21 is unknown, it is anticipated to happen around the middle of 2024. 

That is consistent with recent updates. June was the launch month for Minecraft versions 1.20 and 1.19 in their respective years.

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