PUBG Mobile 2.8 Update: Check Out All The New Features

PUBG Mobile 2.8

PUBG Mobile will soon get the 2.8 patch from Tencent Games, making it the fifth significant update of 2023. There will be an enormous number of new features included in this update.

The widely-loved zombies will return on the classic mode maps of Erangel, Miramar, and Livik with the release of the new PUBG Mobile 2.8 update, which is scheduled for September 7. 

To improve the battle royale gaming experience for gamers throughout the globe, several more improvements and modifications have also been done.

Zombies Edge Mode

After a long absence, zombies are back in PUBG Mobile, hoarding in and around the enigmatic location Aerolith Lab. 

The danger posed by these concealed zombies to gamers is serious. The newly added ragdoll system, improved visuals, and physics modelling will make killing zombies more enjoyable than ever.

Normal Mutants

The mutants travel and hunt in packs. When players go close to them, they do a lot of damage.


A powerful arm that can switch between sharp swords and tough armour is possessed by the huge Berserker. Berserkers alter their assaults according on their form. 

In armoured form, they launch charged assaults that simultaneously reveal their weakness.


Rippers are nimble and quick enemies. Like assassins, they continuously assault gamers. Despite having strong claws, headshots are a simple way to defeat them.

Mutation Weaponry

After battling zombies, players may find Mutation weapons in the Aerolith lab.

Mutation Gauntlets

The Mutation Gauntlets allow users to transform their arms into enormous gauntlets. Zombies cannot defend themselves when hit by the catastrophic damage that the Slam attack may provide. 

To use the Great Smash attack, leap into the air, choose a landing spot, and then drop to deliver massive area damage.

Mutation Blade

Player agility may be improved through Mutation Blade. Players of PUBG Mobile may utilise it to develop a strong arm for slashing strikes that span a broad area and do significant damage to zombies. 

Charging in the direction of the crosshair may do damage to enemies during a Wild Dash.

Aerolith Lab and Outposts

The primary source of zombie power will come from the Aerolith lab. Both here and in the Outposts, zombies spawn. 

The best loot may be found in these locations. Additionally, the Aerolith Lab will also generate Berserkers and Rippers.

Changes to WOW mode 

The PUBG Mobile 2.8 update has brought new PvE gameplay and several opponent kinds. The Character Switch Device, several gameplay devices, interactive items, construction and ornamental elements, map templates, and more are just a few of the editor enhancements.

The gameplay elements, game parameter settings, and editor tools have all been improved. 

This will improve the gameplay and creative experiences of both PUBG Mobile creators/streamers and players.

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