Ashes 2019: Stunning Ben Stokes , Scratchy Leach and near misses, This is the story of third test match.

Ashes 2019: Stunning Ben Stokes

Australia set an overwhelming target of 359 for England, the home side, to reach, for them to be able to superscription their successful winning in the Ashes series so that Australia will not terminate their unbeaten record of 2-0 lead. Apparently, England needed some miracles to happen in their favor.

Joe Denly and Joe Root both contribute a century which set the pace for an unreal day four as Stokes steps up and saves the day once again, even though it is just a month from his astonishing performance in the World Cup final.

It was a stunning victory by an unassailable 135 innings, where Jack Leach got a solitary run from the 17 balls he faced and he was overcome by the special talent of his last stand batting partner.

The Leeds crowd applauded their hero and right here we take in consideration the significant moments of one of the most memorable days in the history of Test.

Ashes 2019: Stunning Ben Stokes

The role of Captain, Root

A lot of people hoped that England’s possibilities of winning largely depended on the Captain Root, who actually gave the home side an opportunity to stand a chance by his stand with Denly. Unfortunately, Root will have been trying to get over a charge on Nathan Lyon that looped of his pad, Tim pained, the wicket keeper, who caught the ball stylishly by diving to his left from David Warner. After he had his two scores, England was able to keep up with 159-4.

Bairstow and Stokes Chip Away

England faced some challenges in the opening session as Ben Stokes and Barstow tried to chip away at the source. It was after 83 balls hat Stokes was able to reach double figures, meanwhile Blairstow had his scores earlier. To the English people, it was a thug of war.

Ashes 2019: Stunning Ben Stokes

Bairstow’s wicket triggered the Collapse

England was able to hit 238-4 by after breakfast with Ben Stokes and Blairstow giving the way through, but later in the afternoon session things did not work out so well. After Josh Hazelwood delivered, Marnus Labischagnes had his way when Bairstow poorly handled Hazlewood’s Wood delivery. Due to the miscommunication between Stokes and Buttler the latter run ended for just on.

Stokes swings for the fences

Stokes later decided at 286-9 that it was necessary to start swinging the bat. Consequently, there were few interesting moments as Stoke did so: Hazzlewoos was whacked for six off ball completely while Lyon also had his treatment which includes a significant reverse sweeps over the ropes. At this point, Ben Stokes heroics gave England so much confidence and life back into the match, hence there were many more incredible moments.

Wicket Reprieves

It was not perfectly smooth for England, as it has always been in every great story. Marcus Harris interfered with an uncooked shot Stokes slogged at a team mate. Fortunate for England, they later had an edge as the video technology showed that Lyon had pinned Ben Stokes. However, the conclusions were not made on the field. In fact Australia had already lost hope.

Stokes seals it in style

Ashes 2019: Stunning Ben Stokes

Leach scored just a single, however such is the way of red ball cricket, the scoreboard never tell the entire story until the end of the match.

It is the best time as Ben Stokes’ winning shot  ran through the outfield; he celebrated the winning moment with Headingley, Leeds, and with the entire England, as they celebrate the grand finale.

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