WWE NXT 2.0 Result on August 02, 2022: Check full NXT result and highlight, Know every detail of the show


WWE NXT Result: Mandy Rose seems immovable as NXT Champion, and is ready for one more defense. Although Zoey Stark was the winner of the campaign to obtain a challenger, held on July 19, there is someone formed before Saray. She was not in the campaign, but she has the argument that she beat Rose in August of last year, (which led to the formation of Toxic Attraction ). Will the Japanese be able to repeat the task? The NXT action is broadcast from the Capitol Wrestling Center, in Orlando, Florida.

The NXT Women’s Couples Championship will also be at stake . Recall that Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez were recently crowned , but Jade turned rude and threw away her belt, leaving the championship vacant. Now there will be an elimination fight between four pairs: Toxic Attraction ( Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne ) vs. Katana Chance and Kayden Carter vs. Ivy Nyle and Tatum Paxley vs. Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz .

As if that were not enough, the NXT Couples Championship will also be at stake . Tony D’Angelo knows that he is going through a winning streak, and he will take advantage of the moment to, in the company of Channing ‘Stacks’ Lorenzo , face Julius Creed and Brutus Creed for the belts of the specialty.

In addition, the brutal Solo Sikoa and Von Wagner will face each other again. On July 12 they finished their match with a double count out , hitting everything even in the parking lot. Now the modality will be a duel in which falls count anywhere.


  1. NXT Women’s Couples Championship: Kayden Carter and Katana Chance vs. Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon vs. Toxic Attraction vs. Ivy Nile and Tatum Pixley
    In an elimination fight, the successors of Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez were going to be defined after the group imploded. Kayden Carter and Tatum Paxley kicked off, though it didn’t take long for the Toxic Attractions to step in and get in on the action. Leon entered and kept Carter under control, but was kicked by her and carried out of the ring. Pixley took the turn, though she was overpowered by Valentina Feroz, who was blindsided by Ivy Nile and eventually eliminated by her. With three teams, the action was a little more even for several minutes, until Paxley and Katana Chance had an exchange, with the advantage of the latter; however, Jacy Jayne stole the count and eliminated Paxley. Finally, the two favorite couples were left and it was a back and forth exchange, with Kayden and Katana coming very close to victory after a tag team combination over Jacy Jayne, though Gigi Dolin averted disaster by sending Kayden down. Jacy almost came out on top, but Kayden recovered and left it for her partner.

Combination of Iron and Neckbreaker from Katana and Kayden and we had new Champions.

Backstage, Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs were interviewed, with the latter saying they were ready for anyone. Joe Gacy came in and said that Jensen is a second generation Superstar, but Cameron Grimes can’t say the same.

James Drake asked if Fallon Henley is looking into his eyes and says they are the windows to his soul. Jensen starts to argue and Gacy says that Jensen can be in the ring for his special message to Grimes.

  1. NXT North American Championship: Carmelo Hayes vs. Nathan Fraser
    Carmelo Hayes launched an open challenge for his title and, when it seemed that Giovanni Vince was the chosen one, Nathan Frazer appeared out of nowhere and the match took place, with Vinci as commentator. Champion and challenger began to struggle. Frazer took the initiative and Hayes counterattacked, but little by little he began to see things a bit complicated and saw how the former NXT UK blocked all of his attacks. After scoring a count of two, Frazer lunged with a bump on Hayes and they both fell on Vinci, but Vinci retaliated by sending Frazer to the mat without the referee seeing.

With a Leg Drop, Hayes retained the title. Frazer proved to be a worthy challenger.

It was shorter than expected. The talent of both gave for more. Vinci took the opportunity to take a photo with a defeated Nathan Frazer.

Wade Barrett interviewed Bron Breakker and JD McDonagh prior to the contract signing.

Breakker said that when the title is on the line, he becomes an animal. JD said the two may be similar, but he’s used to pain. Barrett asked JD to sign the contract, but he gave the honor to Breakker, and he does. JD also signed the contract, but with blood.

Apollo Crews and The Creed Brothers had a friendly conversation prior to their title match. Then Damon Kemp appeared, without Roderick Strong, although they trust that he will be present in their fight.

Mandy Rose tried to calm Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne for not being able to win the titles.


  1. Mandy Rose vs. Saray
    This fight began after the commercial cut and served as preparation for the champion, who in a couple of weeks had a new starting defense against Zoey Stark. The action started with quite a key and Sarray defended herself very well from the champion’s attacks, almost achieving victory after a Suplex; however, she had a glitch when she attacked from the air, and they became uncoordinated. From there, the domain was the champion.

Mandy Rose threatened Zoey Stark telling her that the same thing will happen to her as Sarray. Immediately afterwards, Mandy took a chair and began to punish her, until Stark came to save her.

Axiom was interviewed, but before he could continue, he was confronted by Duke Hudson telling him that he didn’t belong there. Aximo told him that he was not afraid of him and they both went to blows and reached the ring, with Hudson taking the advantage and leaving the masked man lying in the ring.

Duke mocked him saying that the public should not believe in superheroes. Axiom replied by challenging him to an official match.


  1. Duke Hudsonvs. Axiom
    A referee arrived and the fight was official, with Axiom taking the initiative, although his momentum ceased with a whip from Hudson, who regained control and began to crush his rival, but could not throw him into the corner and the masked man found an opening .

Axiom creeper and count of three.

Behind the scenes, Wes Lee was interviewed and he issued a challenge to Trick Williams for the next week.

  1. NXT Couples Championship: The Creed Brothers vs. Tony D’Angelo and Stacks
    With no Roderick Strong around, the Creed Brothers approached this match as they always have, with Brutus showing his power, but when D’Angelo came in, he neutralized him, even though Stacks was the weak link on the team because that’s when the Creed Brothers they had some dominance; however, the challengers combined well and were able to dominate Brutus for several minutes. Julius eventually took over from him and managed to overpower his opponents, with Brutus hammering Stacks after taking a second wind. Elektra LΓ³pez gave Tony a lever, but Santos Escobar prevented her from using it and hit him, behind the referee’s back.

Julius took advantage and with his lasso he achieved victory.

There was no drama. It will be necessary to see if they do something with the absence of Roderick Strong.

Roxanne Perez, in a promotional video, launched a challenge for Cora Jade, but she rejected it. Mandy Rose asked him to help her get rid of Zoey Stark. Although Cora wanted to turn him down, she later agreed when she Mandy offered her a starting job if she was successful.

WWE NXT Result

Gacy showed great aggression during this match and was the one who landed the most punches, although Jensen managed to reply with a knee; however, the numbers have been against the NXT UK Tag Team Champions, and Gacy’s minions intended to surround Henley, with Briggs getting in the way. The Pretty Deadly ones appeared out of nowhere, though Briggs got rid of them, though he was distracted.

Santos Escobar called Tony D’Angelo and he claimed him for having cost him two title fights. Both agreed to meet unaccompanied.

  1. Alba Fyre vs. lash legend
    After several weeks of rivalry, these two met again in the ring, and with Lash Legend taking advantage of his great size to dominate the former NXT UK Champion. Fyre was dominating, but Legend wanted to hit her with a bat, unsuccessfully, also receiving a Gory Bomb.

Alba Fyre’s Senton and a count of three.
Hopefully it will be the end of this rivalry because it did not benefit any of them.

  1. Falls Count Anywhere: Solo Sikoa vs. Von Wagner
    As expected, both began to hit each other and eventually left the ring. Then, they began to draw weapons, starting with a chair courtesy of Wagner, after Stone distracted Sikoa and the giant took advantage. Sikoa also replied with the silletazos, and after applying a Bodyslam on a stack of chairs, he achieved a count of two. Minutes later, both continued the fight indoors, and then they reached the parking lot, where Carmelo Hayes was pushed towards a car. Wagner threw Sikoa into a dumpster, but it broke free easily, and they then returned to the building, where they met up with Cameron Grimes. As they made their way back to the ringside area, the aggressiveness continued and Sikoa landed a Uranage against the metal stairs, but only managed a two count. Robert Stone wanted to interfere again, but he received a header, although Wagner took advantage of the distraction to attack; however, the giant was sent towards the metal post. With a couple of Superkicks from Sikoa, Wagner was left lying on a table.