Will Bad Bunny Be The Next Member Of Judgment Day?

WWE Bad Bunny

It seems clear that sooner or later the rapper will return to the logistic company, what is not so much is that he will join The Judgment Day at some point. More than anything because they are rude while he receives all the love of the fans when he appears in the strings.

That would be a major change that could be interesting but would make sense in a full-time fighter, not a celebrity who shows up very occasionally. Still, Damian Priest talks about it.

“Bad Bunny and I are going to have a conversation very, very soon. The meeting is already scheduled. Let’s see what’s available. Every time I went to the Performance Center, Bad Bunny was there. His body was sweaty and beaten, but Bad Bunny gave everything to learn the trade of professional wrestling.”

This commented WWE’s Triple H at the beginning of the month about the return of Bad Bunny. Before we knew it, the two visited the Royal Rumble 2023 venue together.

Bad Bunny on The Judgment Day?

“Bad Bunny could be part of Judgment Day. Who knows, right? So, you know, he has a bad side, it’s in the name. So whatever happens, you know, as far as he’s concerned, it’s a good deal.

You know, the guy is a megastar and he’s a professional and he’s earned respect and the right to perform with us, you know? He earned it… In any function where I could work with him, I welcome him .”

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