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WWE NXT 2.0 Result on July 26, 2022: Check full NXT result and highlight, Know every detail of the show

WWE NXT JULY 26, 2022.— When Apollo Crews returned to NXT in early June, he was on a winning streak, until an intervention by Xyon Quinn caused him to lose to Giovanni Vinci a couple of weeks ago. Now a heads-up has been finalized between them, and Crews will try to prove that Quinn —despite what he presumes— is not the future of the company. The NXT action is broadcast from the Capitol Wrestling Center , in Orlando, Florida.

Diamond Mine, Roderick Strong ‘s group , has been at war with each other for several weeks, but now they will unite to face a greater evil. Thus, we will see Strong, Damon Kemp , Julius Creed and Brutus Creed vs. Tony D’Angelo , Channing Lorenzo , Cruz del Toro and Joaquin Wilde .

In addition, Grayson Waller will seek revenge on Wes Lee , whom he blames for not winning the North American Championship at The Great American Bash , since he avoided an intervention by Trick Williams in that fight he had against Carmelo Hayes .

Zoey Stark opened the program and, amid the applause of the public that said “Welcome”, he spoke about his injury and his recovery process, indicating that it took him four months less than expected.

Stark thanked the fans saying that now that she is back, she has her sights set on Toxic Attraction, who injured her, and plans to take the title from Mandy Rose.

Cora Jade interrupted (from a platform) saying that she refused to accept that she was defeated by Zoey Stark, mocking her promo and adding that “she stole her moment”. Zoey mocked Cora for the fact that she threw the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship in the trash.

Those of Toxic Attraction arrived reminding them that, when it comes to title fights, they always win. Mandy said that tomorrow she will become the fourth longest-serving champion in NXT, beating the likes of Charlotte Flair, Rhea Ripley, Bailey and Raquel Rodriguez, with Paige in her sights. Mandy demanded respect, but Zoey challenged her to a match for her title now.

Instead, Gigi Dolin said that she will be the one to put it back on the hanger tonight.

Tony D’Angelo was talking to Stacks about dealing with a guy in the past and then praised Elektra Lopez for proving her worth, as well as Legado for stepping up. He says it’s about proving himself and says that tonight they’re going to crack some skulls. Tony told the camera that Diamond Mine might think it’s personal, but it’s just business.


  1. Grayson Wallervs. Wes Lee
    Both began with the struggle and continued with a bit of grappling. Eventually, Waller was the one to take the lead and had a few counts of two, though Lee also countered with an armbar. The action was even for a few minutes, until Waller was woken up early by a Superkick. After the commercial, Waller regained control and with a great Spinebuster he almost took the victory, then he wasted time talking to his rival about him, but Lee responded with a slap and a new offensive. Trick Williams, disguised and in the audience distracted Lee and Waller sends him out. The referee started the count, although both returned.

Even if it made sense, Trick Williams’ interruption kind of took something away from this match.

McKenzie is there with The Schism, who said they crossed the path of acceptance and inclusion, and McKenzie asked Gacy about his interest in Camerom Grimes. Gacy says that Grimes’ pain is not about championships but about the loss of a father figure, and he can be that father figure if he just joins them, and that it will all continue next week.


2.Apollo Crews vs. xion quinn
Apollo took the initiative, but Quinn showed his strength and picked him up, forcing his rival to attack from below. After a Neckbreaker, Quinn continued to hammer Apollo until he had to be separated by the referee, but when they met again, it was a bit more of the same, with Quinn notching several two-second counts. However, when he was looking to attack from the ropes, he was surprised by the former Intercontinental Champion and received a lasso and an iron, which put him on the brink of defeat. Quinn was looking to ram his rival, but was enzuigiri to see his momentum slowed down.

Apollo bombshell and count of three.

There was a bit of chemistry missing in both of them.

McKenzie interviewed Toxic Attraction behind the scenes, and we learned that Mandy will be defending her title in three weeks against Zoey Stark at Heatwave. Mandy says that match will be canceled once Gigi beats her challenger. Sarray appeared and said that she was in England and that she did not get her chance to participate in the pitched battle.

Jacy attacks Sarray, but Mandy says that she hasn’t forgotten what Sarray did by trying to ruin her face and she will next week, she doesn’t care which version of Sarray shows up.

It was announced that Solo Sikoa and Von Wagner will meet next week in a Falls Count Anywhere match.


  1. Gigi Dolin vs. Zoey Stark
    This fight was agreed at the beginning of the program and Zoey Stark did not want to wait long and threw herself with everything on her rival, but Dolin managed to reply and got a count of two with a Suplex. Eventually, Dolin managed to apply a grapple, though Stark countered with several lassoes.

With a knee, Stark took the victory.

Too short to mean anything

After the match, Jacy Jayne tried to sneak up on Stark from behind, but was kicked. Cora Jade appeared with a kendo stick to attack Stark, but Roxanne Perez came to the save and Cora left.

JD McDonagh was in the audience with a microphone in hand. He said that he feels like he needed to apologize because he didn’t get a chance to introduce himself yet, so he wants to. Then he made fun of a guy who was eating popcorn. He also did it with the man who rings the bell.

He then turned to Alicia Taylor and told her she has a fabulous voice and then walked up to Wade Barrett, saying he’s a fan but knows all that bare-knuckle boxing has taken a toll on his hands. She then approached Vic Joseph and says that he heard what Vic said about his family on TV and he didn’t like it. But he immediately assessed it: tall, thin, soft bone structure. He said he bets he could break her collarbone with his bare hands, but he won’t.

JD entered the ring and said that there is one more person you need to know: Bron Breakker, and the Champion appeared. With a microphone in hand, Bron told him that in three weeks it’s NXT Heatwave, he added that the challenge will become official next week. JD headbutted Bron and went for his shoulder, but Bron headed back, leaving the Irishman’s lip split.

McKenzie interviewed Roxanne Perez behind the scenes and she said that Cora Jade wants to get rid of their friendship and that’s fine, but throwing an NXT Championship in the trash can’t stand it, since the title deserves respect and not trash. She said someone agrees with her.

Alundra Blayze came and brought a trash can and Roxanne said that the title should go to whoever deserves it. Blayze said that it will not take that long to crown a new champion and, after asking Roxanne to take out the title that Cora Jade dropped, he concluded by saying that next week the new monarchs will be defined in a four-way fight.


  1. Giovanni Vinci vs. Andrew Chase
    Both began struggling, with Chase achieving a count of two with a Backslide. Chase applied a lock and on the counterattack, he received a European Forearm from Vinci and the Italian began to dominate him, while he posed for the public. Then he took Chase U’s flag and tore it up. After the commercial, Chase was the one who dominated and applied his classic ‘Chase U’ stomps, but Vinci blocked the Final Exam with elbows, although on the second attempt, Chase got the shot from him, but fell short in the count.

After an exchange, Bombazo de Vinci and a count of three.

The result was never in doubt

Vinci continued to attack Andre Chase after the match, but he was pursued by the rest of the Chase U and Nathan Frazer, who appeared.


  1. Indi Hartwellvs. Arianna Grace
    Both began exchanging keys, without major results. Indi had his minutes of dominance. Grace had moments of offense from her, but Indi cut off her momentum with a lasso, although she missed a Big Boot and she received a count of two, as her legs touched the rope. Grace discussed the decision and wasted time.

Big Boot and count of three.

They gave the ladies a lot of time.

No construction and it was seen as a filler.

Von Wagner, who was with Robert Stone, accepted Solo Sikoa’s challenge.

Kiana James said she did research and badmouthed Nikkita Lyons


  1. D’Angelo Family vs. Diamond Mine
    Ivy Nile and Elektra López were banned from the ring. D’Angelo and Strong started with a lot of technique. The rest saw action with two relays and the action was quite even, until Tony leaves the ring to be chased by Julius. Then, everyone returned to the ring and the blows began, until the ring was cleared. Brutus, from outside the platform launched himself with a Cannonball. After the commercial break, we saw a contrast between the two leaders, while Strong did not do much, D’Angelo took the reins for his team and managed to counteract the Creed Brothers’ attacks, although he was eventually overpowered and Stacks had to save him. Legacy wanted to fight back, but Kemp took care of Wilde and Del Toro, while Julius had Tony captured; however, Strong missed his knee and hit his partner.

Tony suplex on Julius and count of three

If Diamond Mine isn’t broken up now, all this won’t do any good.

Alundra Blayze had the vacant titles and they asked who will win them. She is she replied that it will be an elimination fight, and those of Toxic Attraction said that it will be them and they demand the championships. However, she replied that they will have to fight for them next week.

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