WWE NXT Worlds Collide Result on September 04, 2022: Check full Worlds Collide result and highlight, Know every detail of the show

WWE NXT Worlds Collide

WWE Worlds Collide Result: A new WWE Premium Live Event is being held today. NXT Worlds Collide will take place at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Solowrestling will monitor live through this news. We will start updating the report from the start time of the Kickoff Show.

Kickoff Show

After several technical problems, the Worlds Collide kickoff show begins, presented by McKenzie Mitchell and Sam Roberts, who comment on the fatal four-way match that will unify the NXT and NXT UK tag team championships. Roberts bets on Gallus.

We see the arrival by car of the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Katana Chance and Kayden Carter. Sam and McKenzie discuss their challengers, Nikki ASH and Doudrop, but Toxic Attraction interrupts the hosts. They complain about Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne not being in that match. For her part, Mandy assures that she will unify the two maximum women’s championships of NXT and NXT UK and will make her name respected by all. Below is a video of the champion and her 313 days as queen supreme of the multicolored NXT brand.

Time to comment on the main event of the night: Tyler Bate vs. Bron Breakker. A video of both fighters is shown, their beginnings in their brands and their great victories until they managed to win the maximum championships of their respective brands. “I’m the champion. I lead this brand. I’m a fucking monster,” says Bron. “My brand legacy rests on my shoulders,” says Bate.

Andy Sheperd, presenter of NXT UK is interviewed by Roberts and Mitchell. Sheperd points out that Bate is under a lot of pressure tonight, but as champion he knows that he will give absolutely everything to unify the top championships for his brand.

The kickoff show ends with a review of the event billboard.

NXT Worlds Collide
NXT North American Championship

Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Ricochet

Very fast start, with both fighters showing their agility. Mello pushes Ricochet, and Ricochet responds by throwing him to the ground, followed by a Headscissors + Dropkick combination. Carmello leaves the ring. As Ricochet tries to bring him back, Mello catches his hand and slams it into the ropes. Back at ringside , Ricochet argues with Trick Williams before launching a chop attack on Hayes alongside the crowd’s barricade.

Back in the ring, Mello gains the advantage. Michinoku de Mello, to later celebrate with the public. Ricochet reacts, but the champion stops him with a superkick. Mello’s Springboard Clothesline, for a near fall . Challenger’s turn, who reverses a Mello grab to crush him with a double kick. Swapping double lariats and a double springboard crossbody !!! The public chants “Fight forever!”

Ricochet regains control. He looks for the Recoil , but Mello gets away. Ricochet applies a superkick to him , and later a Recoil not very well executed. The count of three is interrupted by Williams, who receives a double kick from the challenger as punishment. Back in the ring, Hayes catches him with a Tilt A Whirl Facebuster , followed by a facebreaker , but Ricochet escapes on the count of three.

They both go up to the corner and Ricochet executes a superplex from the third rope. Exchange of chops , forearms and kicks. Ricochet’s running knee , followed by the Recoil , but Mello responds with the facebreaker .

Ricochet reverses the count of three, and almost achieves the victory, but Mello escapes at the last moment. New exchange of attacks, while both opponents seek to climb the corner. Ricochet’s Frankensteiner . Trick intervenes, but the challenger expels him from the apron with a kick. Ricochet goes up to the corner to apply the Shooting Star Press, but Carmello dodges it and catches Ricochet by surprise, defeating him with a roll-up .

Winner and STILL CHAMPION: Carmello Hayes

We are presented with a video reviewing the rivalry between Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade . Perez warns that their friendship is completely over, and the next time they face each other, things will not end like the last time.

New presentation video of Quincy Elliott, who announces his next debut in NXT 2.0.

Video of Meiko Satomura , where her career and the achievements of the Japanese legend are reviewed.

A video recorded this afternoon is shown. Roderick Strong was brutally attacked in the parking lot. We see him lying on the ground, unconscious, bloodied and with torn clothes. An ambulance takes him away. Ivy Nile accompanies him.

NXT Tag Team Championships and NXT UK Tag Team Championships (Elimination Unification Match)

The Creed Brothers (Julius and Brutus) (USA) vs. Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen (UK) vs. Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince and Kit Wilson) vs. Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang)

All participants come to blows before the bell rings. Several referees seek to maintain order. Julius starts by applying a suplex to Briggs. He responds with a slam , before ironing it. Jensen enters the ring and, together with his partner, they devastate Julius. Turn for Wilson, who decides to take over from Wolfgang before running out of the ring.

Fallon Henley and Lash Legend begin to brawl at ringside , causing their partners to leave the match to try and defuse the situation. Pretty Deadly enters the match, but Briggs and Brooks give them a good account, with Jensen jumping to ringside , later imitated by Mark Coffey. Wolfgang applies a superplex on Brutus preventing him from launching as well.

The count of three is interrupted by Coffey. Wolfgang catches Jensen. He is assisted by Mark by way of a kick, followed by a slam . 1-2-3. Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen are eliminated.

Turn for Pretty Deadly and Gallus. Prince finds himself in trouble, receiving a big punishment from Mark. Brutus takes over from Prince, while Mark takes over from Wolfgang. Brutus lifts Wolfgang onto his shoulders. Julius launches from the third rope, assisting his brother for a suplex . Low Angle Lariat from Julius, and Wolfgang receives the count of three. Gallus are eliminated.

Pretty Deadly punishes Brutus, who seeks to free himself at all costs. Wilson kicks his rival in the corner. DDT and looks for the count of three, but Brutus reaches the ropes. Finally, Julius enters, dishing out forearms, suplexes, and spine busters. Prince catches him with a sleeper hold. Meanwhile, Gallus, Briggs, and Brooks are still fighting on the ramp. Julius hits a vertical suplex, followed by a back suplex. And the chaos reaches ringside. The referee is offside.

Wilson dropkicks on Julius. But he recovers and looks for the Low Angle Lariat. Wilson tries to intervene but is stopped by Damon Kemp. He tells his partner to continue the fight. Julius is about to execute his finisher on him, but Kemp hits his partner from behind with a metal chair !!!!, leaving the victory on a platter for Pretty Deadly.

Winners and NEW UNIFIED TEAMS CHAMPIONS: Pretty Deadly

Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo are having coffee and cookies backstage . They discuss the recent Ghost Legacy march. Tony explains that it was the best thing for the family. At that moment Cameron Grimes appears . D’Angelo proposes that she join his family since he recently fired Legacy of the Ghost. “Stacks” wonders if it was a firing. Tony tells him to shut up and invites Grimes out for some Italian cookies. Meanwhile, he can put a price for his services. But Grimes declines the offer and leaves.

NXT Women’s Championship and NXT UK Women’s Championship (Unification Match – Triple Threat)

Mandy Rose (USA) vs. Meiko Satomura (UK) vs. Blair Davenport

Blair and Rose join forces against Satomura, but she fights back. Double elbow , followed by a double suplex , but neither is willing to allow the other to cover the Japanese. Therefore, their brief alliance is broken and they begin to fight among themselves. Meiko recovers and attacks them. At ringside , Blair slams Meiko, knocking her out.

Blair and Rose square off in the ring, exchanging attacks. Mandy’s suplex , which she immediately charges against her rival in the corner. Meiko catches Rose’s leg and pulls her out of the ring. The next to fall is Davenport, who receives a wave of kicks from the Japanese legend.

Blair’s double stomp on Mandy. The British and the Japanese return to the ring, where they systematically seek the count of three. Blair’s superkick continues to attack Satomura. Blair climbs onto the corner, but Mandy catches her leg, knocking her out of the ring.

It is the turn of Mandy and Meiko, who exchange punches. Rose’s running clothesline, continues to kick her rival to the ground. Meiko responds with a great offense, culminating in an overhead kick. 1-2… and Mandy escapes the count. Rose responds with a spinebuster, but the count is interrupted by Blair.

Davenport goes up to the corner. Mandy hits her and executes a superplex , which Meiko finishes off with a frog splash . Pele Kick from Meiko on Mandy. The NXT UK champion charges against her two rivals, first in the corners, and then with kicks in the center of the ring. They react and look for a double suplex , but Satomura reverses it into a double DDT .

Mandy and Blair look to suplex each other, but it’s Satomura who hits them with a Cartwheel Knee Drop . The madness continues, with a new Blair Double Stomp on Mandy, followed by a Knee kick on Meiko, but the Japanese avoids the count of three.

Mandy seeks to apply the Fall from Grace and the Kiss the Rose on Blair, but she dodges them. Meiko’s Scorpion Rising on Blair, but when she catches the British, Mandy applies a tremendous Kiss the Rose to them !!!! The American covers Davenport. 1-2-3.


Video of Alba Fyre , remembering her Scottish origins. The fighter assures that she will honor her roots and her land with her fire in NXT 2.0.

A match between Axiom and Nathan Frazer is announced for the next episode of NXT 2.0.

McKenzie interviews Wes Lee. He asks her how she is preparing for his matchup against Von Wagner next Tuesday on NXT 2.0. Even though he knows how dangerous and devastating his opponent can be, Lee is confident that he too has a dark side, just like his rival.

NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships

Katana Chance and Kayden Carter (c) vs. Doudrop and Nikki ASH

Nikki and Kayden begin. Nikki’s dropkick, looking for a quick count of three. Doudrop and Katana come into play. With the help of Kayden, they manage to knock down the Scotswoman. Carter’s Dropkick, followed by a Chance Thread, looking for the count of three. Doudrop manages to knock both of them down and irons them with a senton.

The challengers punish Katana in the corner, but when she tries to slip away, she is caught by ASH on the skirt of the ring, initiating an apron smash. She continues the punishment on Chance. She gets rid of Nikki, but Doudrop prevents her from taking over from her, crushing her with a new senton.

Katana manages to get rid of her rivals and takes over from her partner. Kayden runs in with several forearms, but Nikki stops her offense with a Tornado DDT. Kayden superkick on Doudrop . Nikki enters the game, only to receive a punishment in the corner courtesy of the champions. ASH and Doudrop crush Carter, but when the count of three seems imminent, Katana saves her partner.

Doudrop looks for a superplex on Kayden, but Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne break into ringside . Nikki charges at them. Meanwhile, the distraction allows Katana and Kayden to execute their 450/neckbreaker combination on Doudrop.

Winners and STILL CHAMPIONS: Katana Chance and Kayden Carter

Backstage, The Dyad tries to convince Grayson Waller to join The Schism, but Waller declines the offer. After that, he is interviewed by McKenzie. The fighter responds to the comments of his mother, who supposedly would have been upset with him for staining the name of his family. Grasyon indicates that he cares very little about what you think of him since the real truth is that he has taken the Waller name to the top.

NXT Championship and NXT UK Championship (Unification Match)

Bron Breakker (USA) vs. Tyler Bate (UK)

Tyler makes his way to the ring, carefully observing several screens that show the legacy of the NXT UK Championship. As soon as the bell rings, both contestants look at each other before hostilities begin. Bron facelock . Tyler tries to break free, but Breakker won’t let go. Several punches from the British allow him to escape.

Tyler recovers, but both are even. Bate catches Bron’s arm and begins to punish him. Breakker escapes, but is unable to catch his rival due to Breakker’s great agility.

Tyler catches Bron’s arm again. Breakker’s Hurricanrana , followed by a vertical suplex . The NXT Champion catches Tyler’s arm. Headscissor from Bate, followed by a dropkick , which knocks Bron out of the ring. Tyler launches with a suicide dive towards ringside , which hits his rival squarely.

Tyler misses a standing shooting star press , and is subsequently caught mid-flight by Breakker, who crushes him with a Scoop Powerslam . Bate responds with an exploder suplex , followed, now, by a standing shooting star press . Bron’s turn, who catches Bate to execute a vertical suplex , but Bate escapes and manages to apply a Tyler Driver 97 out of nowhere, taking advantage of a Breakker charge. However, when he tries to cover his rival, the count is two.

The action moves to the corner. Both exchange attacks. Breakker sends Bate to the canvas to later execute a clothesline with a jump. Bron’s Michinoku, to look for the count of three, but Tyler gets rid of her. New exchange of attacks. Bate looks for the fake punch, but Breakker doesn’t fall for it and catches his arm, applying tremendous and painful pressure on it. But Tyler picks up his rival and applies his Airplane Spin, followed by a Rebound Lariat. Bate covers his rival once more, but Breakker escapes the count of three.

We reached the final moments of the fight. Bron applies his Gorilla Press Powerslam, but Tyler avoids defeat by putting his leg on one of the ropes. The NXT Champion prepares to execute a Spear, but Tyler stops him.

Face punch, which this time manages to hit Bron’s face, and Tyler continues to attack, but Breakker picks him up on his shoulders. Hurricanrana de Bate, looking for the count of three. Breakker wriggles free, but as he gets to his feet, Tyler readies his rebound lariat. However, a spear from Breakker interrupts the attack, ending the fight.

Winner and NEW NXT UNIFIED CHAMPION: Bron Breakker

Tyler Bate hands both titles over to Breakker, before hugging his opponent and shaking hands out of respect. Bron celebrates with the audience as the broadcast draws to a close.

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