WWE Officially Retires 24/7 Championship After 3 Years

WWE 24/7 Championship

WWE has made it official that the 24/7 Championship has ceased to exist. There was no official statement, as the company never issues a statement when a championship belt goes missing. On this occasion, it has only been possible to know that the news is official because on its website, WWE has a historical section where all the championships that the company has had been seen.

And when we get to the WWE 24/7 Championship, you can see a legend that indicates “2019-2022”, thus announcing that it is a title that is already inactive in the company. This is what the title looks like along with others that are active.

The 24/7 Championship is already national history in WWE

Recall that the title was presented on May 20, 2019, on Raw by the WWE Hall of Fame Member, Mick Foley, who although he is well-loved and respected by fans, even received boos when he revealed the title.

Fans were waiting for Vince McMahon to bring the Hardcore Championship back to WWE, as there were reports from people like Dave Meltzer or Sean Ross Sapp who said that WWE was going to present extreme combat and, therefore, the extreme title was going to be renewed already leave behind that stigma of being a very low-level title that changed hands anywhere and even several times every day.

However, the 24/7 Championship continued in the spirit of the old 24/7 Championship and we have seen it change hands even on red carpets and even Bad Bunny was champion. In total, there were 202 exchange championship victories and 197 champions.

Titus O’Neil was the first champion, and the last monarch was Nikki Cross, who last Monday threw away the title. R-Truth was the man not only with the most reigns, with 53 in total but also the one who had the most title around his waist, with 417 days. Dana Brooke follows with 15 reigns and 335 days in total and Reggie with 4 reigns and 133 days with the title.

The shortest reign was precisely that of Cross, which lasted less than a day. Kelly Kelly was the first woman to win the belt.

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