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WWE Raw Result on August 02, 2022: Check full Monday night Raw result and highlight, Know every detail of the show


WWE Raw result: The powerful Raw Champion, Bianca Belair , forcefully retained the title against Becky Lynch at SummerSlam. It was such a clear triumph that Lynch herself had no choice but to accept Belair’s superiority, declaring that she truly is everything she claims to be Ella. However, moments later a threat to the Belair-Lynch alliance appeared, which was the return of Bayley , now accompanied by Dakota Kai and the Shirai , who is now known as Iyo Sky. What will be her plans? The action of the WWE red markis broadcast from the Toyota Center , in Houston, Texas.

That movement in the women’s division of Raw was one of the strengths of a SummerSlam that turned out to be quite good and that was starred by the tremendous fight between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns , where the latter retained the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship.

And now that a new era is expected to begin in the company, already with Triple H at the helm as creative director, the world of fighting will be attentive to this episode. Becky Lynch, wearing a sling, opened the program in the midst of applause from the public. She said that at SummerSlam she found herself, saying that she is not the one with the outlandish outfits, but rather in being a ruthless fighter.

Becky referred to her dislocated shoulder, and that she fought through the pain, and did everything for the division and that no title or man defines her, but rather that she is The Man. She thanked Bianca Belair for taking her to her limit and called her to the ring.

Bianca appeared and said: “You are The Man.” They both hugged each other and Becky said, “See you soon.” Apparently, Becky Lynch will be absent for a while.

Bianca said she has respect for Becky, from whom she said she learned a lot. The Champion said that she was ready for anyone, but on screen she saw how Bayley and her group attacked Becky Lynch behind the scenes, forcing Bianca to go to her aid.

The first hour had no commercials and we started with the first match after a promotional video about the United States Championship.

WWE RAW Result

  1. AJ Styles vs. The Miz vs. Mustafa Ali
    This was the first of two triple threats that would determine Bobby Lashley’s future challenger for the United States Championship. Miz and Styles already had a recent history, after the latter helped to get rid of Ciampa at SummerSlam, although Mustafa Ali was after the surprise. At first, Styles wanted to finish Ali off quickly, but Miz interfered and slammed him into a table, with the former cruiserweight looking to take advantage of their lack of attention to launch his attack. The combat mechanics were very typical of the triple threat, each one having time to mount their offensive. Miz was struggling after taking the area of ​​his ribs, which were hurt in his match with Logan Paul. Styles and Ali looked fresher because they didn’t wrestle over the weekend, though neither had a definite lead. Nevertheless, Ali was the one who pulled off the most spectacular maneuvers, landing a DDT from the air on AJ Styles. However, Miz surprised him with a Skull Crushing Finale, but since he was hurt he covered too late and the count only reached two.

Ali landed an iron on Miz, but received a Clash from Styles and received the count of three.

A pity that Mustafa Ali was alone to receive the count, despite giving a good performance.

Bayley was interviewed behind the scenes and said that it was all about them.

Immediately, The Usos appeared and said they would defeat the Mysterios in their title match.

Seth Rollins came to the ring to welcome and was in high spirits to celebrate not having to see Riddle, whom he told was stupid for challenging him at SummerSlam.

He said that after knocking Riddle out, he turned his attention to Roman Reigns and his Undisputed Universal Championship. But the Street Profits came to interrupt and Rollins ordered to turn off the music and silence the public.

Rollins told the Profits that they were losers and that they had better split up. Ford and Dawkins made fun of Rollins’ losses, but Rollins challenged them to a match, although not for now because he is at a disadvantage.

Ford and Dawkins decided on Rollins’ rival with rock, paper and scissors, although Ford tricked his partner and decided to go fight on his own, taking the referee.

  1. Seth Rollins vs. Montez Ford
    Ford went straight into action and began attacking with everything, mocking the music of Rollins, who eventually wanted to flee, without success. Rollins found an opening and dominated for several minutes, despite the fact that Ford was able to attack for a brief moment, even getting a count of two after applying a Crossbody. Rollins countered with two kicks, but could not achieve victory either. Rollins and Ford failed their plates, but the latter took the worst part.

Rollins stomp and count of three.

A split of the Street Profits looks likely, leaving the division decimated.

Rollins wanted to finish off Ford, but Dawkins stopped him.

  1. Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka
    Something curious happened here, since both had formed a team recently. In any case, none of them held back here, and Asuka took a few seconds to make fun of Alexa, although she missed an iron and was left at her mercy, although the Japanese managed to recover from her.

Bayley, Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai stormed in and attacked both of them.

The end. Alexa and Asuka could be Bianca Belair’s companions

Too short to mean anything

Bayley and company continued to punish her Alexa and Asuka, but were unable to finish them off as Bianca Belair came to the rescue and called for a match tonight, with Sky offering herself.

  1. Dolph Ziggler vs. Ciampa vs. Chad Gable
    The winner of this match would face AJ Styles to define Lashley’s next challenger, and Ziggler looked at a disadvantage, because he had Gable and Ciampa, who collaborated temporarily, an association that culminated after they tried to make the count. With Ziggler temporarily out of control, the partnership between Ciampa and Gable pretty much came to nothing, with Ziggler almost taking advantage of the situation with a Famouser. After the commercial break, Gable and Ciampa tried to make Ziggler give up, but they couldn’t collaborate and no one could take the win yet. Ciampa has been applying some of his NXT repertoire and landed an Air Raid Crash on Ziggler, but the count was interrupted by Gable. And for several minutes, the three exchanged offenses, but none managed to gain a definitive advantage.

With Ziggler out cold, Ciampa defeated Gable with the Fairy Tale Ending.
The best presentation of Ciampa in the main cast.

AJ Styles and Ciampa will be looking for a ticket tonight to face Lashley.

Edge came to the ring with his old music and was cheered by the public. The WWE Hall of Fame member thanked the public for the reception, despite having treated them badly.

Edge went straight to the point and referred to Judgment Day and the reason for its creation, saying that Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley were blinded by power, and did not see the betrayal coming, but after being out of that hell, it was time to he to settle accounts. He concluded with a threat to the trio.

WWE RAW Result

Behind the scenes, Rey Mysterio looked optimistic saying that they will achieve the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship.

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  1. Bianca Belair vs. Iyo Sky
    The former Io Shirai not only changed her name, but also changed her outfit in her main roster premiere, wrestling for the first time since WrestleMania weekend. The crowd was cheering for Bianca, but Iyo looked great, pulling off her classic aerial offense as seen in NXT, and she had Bianca in a pinch, though she eventually called on her great strength and athleticism to take the lead. control of her. However, Bayley and Dakota Kai showed up, distracting the champion and giving Sky one more chance to go for the win. Bianca broke free from the siege with a Suplex, though her KOD was blocked. Sky attempted a scissors, but was blocked by Bianca and Bianca slammed her into the barrier. Bayley and Dakota stood in front, although Asuka and Alexa Bliss arrived to match forces. After the commercial, the fight returned to normal,

The brawl broke out between both groups and the fight was inconclusive. it was a Very good combat. It was very similar to what we saw of them in NXT.

Although it made sense, but the brawl at the end took the shine off the fight.

The two teams continued to go head-to-head in the ring, until they had to be separated.

Booker T came on as a guest commentator for the next match.

  1. Ciampa vs. A.J. Styles
    After winning triple threats, the winner would be Bobby Lashley’s next challenger, although we don’t know if that could be considered a ‘prize’. With a clean blow these two started without holding anything back, with Miz at ringside looking for an opportunity to interfere. Ciampa had his moments, but he did not stand out like in his first fight, and Styles was the one who took the lead, surprising his rival in the corner, hitting him with a Clash; however, Miz saved him from defeat and Ciampa again took advantage of the distraction to attack him against the barrier. Styles managed to avoid the temporary block that Miz did to prevent him from returning to the ring, but upon arrival, he received a knee from the former NXT.

With the Fairy Tale Ending, Ciampa achieved victory.

The fatigue of both was noticeable, after the first disputed combat.

Bobby Lashley was interviewed behind the scenes and said that he will defend the title every night if he wants to. He was cautious when referring to Ciampa, but promised that he will defeat him.

  1. WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship: The Usos vs. the mysteries
    Two days after their successful defense, The Usos had another challenge before them and the Mysterio looked very fast from the start, without giving the champions more options. However, after the commercial break, we saw Rey being dominated by the champions, until he eventually handed over to his son, who had some offense, but was neutralized and carried out of the ring by The Usos. However, he managed to recover during the second commercial break and Dominik took over from his father after connecting a Tornado DDT. Rey unleashed a quick offense, and they eventually posted a double 619 against Jimmy that put them very close to the titles, except for Jey. Dominik mounted another offensive on Jimmy, but Jey was decisive again, catching him off guard.

3D of the Uses on Dominik and count of three.

Without being spectacular, the quality of Rey Mysterio and The Usos was shown again here.

Dominik still has certain moves to improve.

The Judgment Days appeared to attack Rey and Dominik, but Edge arrived to clean the house and applied an Edgecution to Bálor. However, when he was looking to apply a spear to him, Rhea Ripley pushed Dominik onto Bálor and he was hit by the Hall of Famer.

Edge went in pursuit of Bálor, while Rey stayed to see how her son was doing.

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