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Ram-Salisbury Clinch Historic 3-Peat Victory Over Honest Bopanna-Ebden


In a thrilling and historic showdown at the US Open 2023 men’s doubles final, the duo of Rajeev Ram and Joe Salisbury emerged triumphant, defeating the formidable duo of Rohan Bopanna and Matthew Ebden. 

This victory not only secured their status as the champions of this prestigious Grand Slam event but also etched their names into the annals of tennis history as the first-ever pair to achieve a remarkable three-peat in this competition.

US Open 2023 Final Match Highlights:

The US Open 2023 finals, held at the iconic Flushing Meadows in New York, unfolded in a captivating fashion. 

Bopanna and Ebden exhibited their prowess in the first set, delighting fans with a display of exceptional tennis. The Indian-Australian partnership dominated proceedings, clinching the set with a scoreline of 6-2.

However, the veteran duo of Rajeev Ram and Joe Salisbury were not to be outdone. Fueled by their championship pedigree and remarkable synergy on the court, they staged an impressive comeback in the second set. 

Displaying a combination of power and precision, they secured the second set 6-3, setting the stage for an exhilarating final showdown.

The third set proved to be the most intense and nerve-wracking segment of the match. Both pairs exhibited incredible tenacity, fighting for every point as the finish line loomed closer. 

In a closely contested decider, with tension palpable in the air, Ram and Salisbury managed to secure a 6-4 victory. This hard-fought win sealed their third consecutive US Open men’s doubles title, an accomplishment that had never been achieved before in the history of the tournament.

US Open 2023 Final Result: Historic Three-Peat

Rajeev Ram and Joe Salisbury’s historic three-peat at the US Open 2023 cements their legacy as one of the most dominant pairs in the sport’s history. Their remarkable consistency, unparalleled teamwork, and ability to thrive under pressure have made them a formidable force on the tennis circuit.

Their victory also highlights the dedication and passion that fuels the world of tennis, showcasing the sport’s ability to captivate audiences and create memorable moments on the grandest stages.

As the tennis world celebrates this historic achievement, fans and pundits alike eagerly anticipate the future of these two incredible athletes and the continued excitement they bring to the world of men’s doubles tennis. 

The US Open 2023 men’s doubles final will undoubtedly be remembered as a watershed moment in the sport, with Ram and Salisbury etching their names in the annals of tennis history.

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