There is always a team behind a sports website working 24*7 to provide users with the best and quick updates related to sports. So, meet our dedicated social media marketing and SEO team followed by a squad of writers, who try to put forward the best engaging & factual piece of information. Every single individual in the KhelTalk team strives to be better than the previous day.

Shreya Grover

In the grand arena of Kheltalk, I serve as the conductor orchestrating the symphony of day-to-day operations, guiding a cadre of extraordinary mortals who form the backbone of this illustrious ensemble.

Piyush Kunwar

My passion for Football and PlayStation aligns perfectly with my expertise in developing and executing effective SEO strategies for Kheltalk.

Lakshay Sharma

I specialize in devising and executing successful SEO tactics for Kheltalk. In my leisure hours, you can spot me indulging in my passion for sports, particularly landing at Pochinki in BGMI.

Vibhor Sharma

Driven by my love for sports and storytelling, I strive to entertain, inform, and inspire fellow enthusiasts. Join me on an exciting journey as we explore the adrenaline-fueled world of sports together!

Madhurima Nair

As a passionate gamer, crafting articles and covering everything related to eSports is an ideal combination of personal interest and career for me. My knowledge and enthusiasm for games such as BGMI, PUBG Mobile, Valorant, and League of Legends enable me to highlight the most crucial advancements in the eSports industry.

Raushan Kumar

I am primarily a sports person and like to present and write about it. I enjoy writing blogs on professional and personal topics.

Sayanta Sengupta

An out-an-out sports nut, I live and breathe sports, Find me anchoring and presenting about sports if not sweating it out on the cricket field. Coffee and travel lover! 😀