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There is always a team behind a sports website working 24*7 to provide users with the best and quick updates related to the sports. So, meet our squad of writers, who try to put forward the best possible content followed by a dedicated social media a marketing and seo team. Every single individual in Kheltalk team strives to be better than the previous day.

Ayush Kesharwani
I am Ayush Kesharwani, Brand Manager at Kheltalk. My world revolves around cricket and football. The sports is all what my life is all about. And, I want to give a new dimension to the sports by changing its dynamics in the best possible way.
Jasvinder Singh
I am Jasvinder Singh, a content specialist editor at Kheltalk, who is a sports enthusiast. I try to cover every cricket game being played on the planet. For me, sports is not limited to just writing but also playing it on the field as well.
Rahul Rajput
I'm Rahul Rajput, SEO Specialist at Kheltalk. I like to play with the words in order to get the best possible results for my organisation. Meanwhile, it is always fun to lock horns with the daily updating google algorithms
Sumit Singh
I am Sumit Kumar Singh, SEO expert at Kheltalk. I have an expertise of working with the latest SEO techniques that implies to every website working across the globe.
Nitika Vashisht
I am known for the relentless energy I bring to every task. I believe, “whatever comes my way, no matter how big or small is an opportunity to learn something new. That’s exactly how I’ve waltzed through the worlds of UI/UX to coding to web designing for marketing in a short span.
Hitesh Katia
I am Hitesh Katia, Sr.Graphic designer at Kheltalk. With more than 12 years of industry experience, I transform the ideation power of my team into visually appealing graphics that connect with users. And for cricket, I don’t just play it; I breathe it, live it, and love it!
An Engineer who currently writes about sports and entertainment for various websites and runs one too!
Savya Pandey
An ardent follower of cricket, who eat drink and sleep cricket. I am a professional writer on Fantasy sports.
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