Dream11 Points System – How Dream11 Points Calculated

How Dream11 Points Calculated

Dream11 has emerged to be the ultimate fantasy platform for users and certainly the platform which brought the revolution to this sector in India. This is why many people across the country are becoming increasingly interested in testing their knowledge on this platform. With a wide variety of leagues, players frequently have the chance to win cash prizes.

Talking about cricket contests in Dream11, an individual needs to select 11 players in their Dream11 match to compete against the platform. This is how cricket matches are played on this platform. However, there is always a rule that you cannot select multiple players from the same team when making your dream11 squads. So, it is critical for the user to select their entire ideal match squad before competing against the Dream11 platform.

Dream11 provides contests for every sort of player keeping their needs and limitations in the record. They have contests from heavy prizes to reasonable prices. However, the points system remains the same for everyone and there are many myths regarding the point system of Dream11. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information about how Dream11 points are calculated.

What is the formula for calculating Dream11 points?

Points are calculated by various means, they are calculated on the basis of past performance, player’s current form, current fixture list, and the team’s current league position. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of points below:

Break Down of Points System

Run Points

This point system lets you calculate the number of batting points based on the game’s scoring and the average batting points per inning. There are numerous point rules for this point system.

  • 1 point for each run
  • 1 point for each bonus boundary
  • 2 points per six runs scored 4 points for a total of 30 runs scored
  • 8 points for a half-century, 16 points for a century.
  • -2 points for dismissal at 0 run ( This rules are not applicable for bowlers)

Bowling Points

There are more than 5 ways to earn bowling points. Bowling points can be crucial for your winning chances. Take a look down below.

  • Each wicket is worth 25 points, but not run – outs.
  • 12 points for each maiden glory.
  • Taking four wickets in a single match earns you 8 additional points.
  • Taking the wicket by LBW or Bowled earns you 8 more points.
  • Taking three wickets in a single match earns you four bonus points.
  • Taking five wickets in a single match earns you 16 additional points.

Points for Good Strike Rate for Batsmen

The batsman’s Strike Rate is also worth points in Dream 11. But don’t forget that if your chosen batsman has a low strike rate for the match, you could lose points as well. The player who is in the squad as a specialist bowler does not receive strike rate points.

  • If his Strike Rate is between 60 and 70, you lose two points.
  • If his Strike Rate is between 50 and 50.99, you lose a point.
  • If his Strike Rate is less than 50, you lose a point.
  • If his Strike Rate is between 130 and 150, you get an extra 2 points.
  • If his Strike Rate is between 150.01 and 170, you get an extra four points.
  • If his Strike Rate is more than 170, you will receive an additional 6 points.

Points for good Economy Rates for Bowlers

Bowler’s economy rates are taken into account for the scoring system in the same way that strike rate is. Bowlers with a good economy earn more points, while those with a poor economy lose points. Only when a bowler has bowled at least two overs, the economy rate is taken into account for Dream11 points.

  • If his economy rate is between 10 and 11 runs per over, you will lose two points.
  • If his economy rate is between 11.01 and 12 runs per over, you lose a point.
  • If his economy rate exceeds 12 runs per over, you lose a point.
  • If the economy rate is less than 5 runs per over, you get 6 points.
  • If his economy rate is between 5 and 5.99 runs per over, you get 4 points.
  • If his economy rate is between 6 and 7 runs per over, you will get 2 points.

Fielding Points

Fielding point is a terrific strategy to maximize your team’s potential. Your team’s fielding performance earns you a lot of points. Take a peek down below.

  • 8 points for each catch
  • Collecting triple catches in a single match earns you 4 more points.
  • 12 points for direct run-out/stump
  • a run-out with 6 points per throw
  • 6 points for each catch, resulting in a run-out

Other Points

Bonus points are another name for these. Simply said, picking a good captain and vice-captain for your squad earns you points. Also, how well your chosen players do in the match.

  • 2x the points scored in the match for  the captain of the Dream11 squad.
  • 1.5x the points scored in the match as vice-captain of the Dream11 squad.
  • Every player named in the starting XI receives four points.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I turn my Dream11 points into money?

You are chosen for the award based on your Dream11 points, which can be withdrawn to your bank account.

What if the match gets canceled?

If a match gets canceled for whatever reason, the contest is nullified. As a result, all contestants had their money refunded in full.

Are there any rules for rain?

If there is a delay in the start time due to rain, the points scoring system remains the same and it doesn’t affect anything.

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