How to Delete Dream11 Account?

Dream11 Tips and Tricks - How to delete Dream11 account?

Want to know how to delete Dream11 account permanently? No worries Today we are going to show you two simple ways with which you permanently delete your Dream11 account.

Dream11 is India’s biggest Daily Fantasy Sports Site. Here you can use your Sports knowledge to win real cash prizes. Dream11 is very easy to play, you just have to create a fantasy team of players from an upcoming match & if your selected players perform well in the match you get points. When the Match ends player with the most points wins the cash prize. To win a Cash Prize you need to enter a Paid Contest, in which you have to deposit entry fees in order to participate.

Sounds simple enough? Many people signup on this platform in order to win some big bucks. But little do they know, that in order to be successful on Dream11 you need to have great analytical skills. You need to anticipate how a player is going to perform in an upcoming match.

If you are reading this means you have not found success on Dream11 or you have not received the ROI you were expecting and want to know how to delete your Dream11 account? No worries we got you covered.

There are 2 ways to delete your Dream11 Account –

  1. Temporarily Suspending your account via the Info setting.
  2. Permanently Deleting your account by sending mail to the Dream11 Support Team.

Tips on how to delete Dream11 account

1. Temporarily Suspending you Account

Maybe all you want is a break from playing Fantasy Cricket on Dream11. For that, you do not need to permanently delete your Dream11 account. Dream11 has an option to Temporarily Suspend your Dream11 Account. Follow the steps given below to temporarily Suspend your Dream11 Account –

Step 1: Click on the top left corner on your Avatar icon in your Dream11 App. Then you’ll be able to see the menu given below.

Temporarily Suspending you Account

Step 2: Click on the “My Info & Settings” Options. After that, you’ll see the screen given below.

Temporarily Suspending you Account  - 2

Step 3: After that, you have to click on the “Suspend Account” Option. After that the page given below will appear.

Temporarily Suspending you Account  -3

Step 4: Here you can select the duration of the suspension. During this time you can access the Dream11 App, but you won’t be able to participate in any Contest.

2. Permanently Deleting your Account by contacting Dream11 Support Team

If you have made up your mind to delete your Dream11 account permanently. Follow the steps given below –

Step 1: Click on the “More Button” in the Bottom Right Corner of your Dream11 App.

Permanently Deleting your Account

Step 2: Then you’ll be able to see the screen below, click on the “HelpDesk” Option.

Delete Dream11 Account

Step 3: After that scroll to the bottom and select “Contact Us”.

2 - Delete Dream11 Account

Step 4: By Clicking that you’ll be directed to a page, where you’ll have to login again and then select a request which is “Account Suspended”. After that you simply have to write a message like “Hello Sir, I want to permanently delete my Dream11 account ”.

Step 5: After that, you just have to wait for the Support team to contact you & then they will take care of the rest.

So this is how you delete the dream11 account permanently. Maybe you didn’t like Dream11 because it had a lot of competition. But there are a lot of other Daily Fantasy Sports Sites that you can try, which have lower competition & some of them offer attractive welcome Bonuses. Check out our list of Fantasy Cricket Sites to know more.