3 Reasons Why Virat Kohli Should Be The Test Captain Of India

    Virat Kohli Test captain

    Very few names can compare to Virat Kohli when it comes to full-aggressive captaincy with a proven record. 

    Even though he stepped down as Test captain following the 2021 South Africa tour, the Indian cricket team’s recent losses have sparked discussions regarding the dynamics of the team’s leadership. 

    There is increasing belief that Virat Kohli would be the best person to take back the Test leadership, with Rohit Sharma receiving flak for his alleged inadequacies since he assumed the role. 

    Here are three key reasons why Kohli might excel as a Test captain once again:

    1. Proven Track Record of Overseas Success:

    Leading the team to a historic victory in overseas conditions was one of the most remarkable elements of Virat Kohli’s time as captain. 

    India accomplished remarkable feats under Kohli’s leadership, most notably winning Test series in Australia, a country that is usually difficult for visiting teams. 

    Kohli demonstrated his tactical skill and leadership abilities on foreign land, as the team’s aggressive and assertive style of cricket proved effective. 

    With four victories under his belt, Kohli has established himself as a captain who knows the ins and outs of playing Test cricket away from home.

    2. Remarkable Statistical Achievements:

    Virat Kohli’s impressive statistics accomplishments highlight his abilities as a Test captain. During his time as captain, Kohli amassed over 5000 runs at a remarkable average of 52 and above. His exploits at the bat were crucial to India’s victory. 

    His captaincy gains a dynamic dimension from his ability to lead from the front and contribute consistently with the bat. 

    With 40 victories and 17 defeats in 68 Test matches, Kohli is among the very few successful Test leaders. 

    This statistical ability demonstrates not only Kohli’s intelligence but also his ability to inspire the squad to success.

    3. Aggressive Leadership Style and Pursuit of Excellence:

    A continuous quest for perfection, aggressiveness, and careful planning are characteristics of Virat Kohli’s leadership style.

    He inspired players to rise to problems rather than back down from them by fostering in them a spirit of fearlessness and self-belief. 

    In his tactical selections and field placements, Kohli demonstrated his proactive style of leadership. He frequently took risks for the sake of winning. 

    Success in the game’s longer format is facilitated by this aggressive approach and unwavering dedication to attaining the top standards.

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