Former Haryana Cricketer Arrested For Defrauding Rishabh Pant Of Rs. 1.6 Crore 

    Mrinank Singh Arrested

    A former Haryana cricketer, Mrinank Singh, has been arrested by the Police for orchestrating a financial scam that targeted Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant. 

    Singh allegedly duped Rishabh Pant of a substantial sum amounting to 1.6 crore rupees. The arrest occurred at the Delhi IGI Airport as Singh attempted to flee to Hong Kong.

    Mrinank Singh, who claimed to have played for the Haryana Under-19 team and asserted his presence in the Ranji Trophy for Haryana in 2021, is accused of adopting a false identity to execute his fraudulent activities. 

    He presented himself as an IPL cricketer, alleging a stint with the Mumbai Indians from 2014 to 2018.

    Singh’s strategy involved using fictitious identities—he occasionally pretended to be a Mumbai Indians player and leveraging false identities, at times posing as Alok Kumar, an ADGP from Karnataka, to evade arrest. 

    This calculated approach enabled him to accumulate unpaid bills at several high-end establishments, including the prestigious Taj Palace.

    The scope of Mrinank Singh’s deception extended beyond financial fraud, as he allegedly cheated multiple individuals, including business establishments, women, and cab drivers. 

    Disturbingly, compromising images of Singh with women were recovered from his phone during the police investigation.

    In an added layer of complexity, the police revealed that Singh was involved in the consumption of drugs. A

    As part of the ongoing investigation, authorities are probing the sources through which he acquired drugs and the extent of his involvement in the narcotics trade.

    Despite Singh’s claims of a cricketing career and educational background, none of his credentials have been verified so far. Authorities disclosed that he studied at Delhi University and completed an MBA from a college in Rajasthan.

    Mrinank Singh’s arrest carries major legal consequences; accusations about identity theft, financial fraud, and maybe drug-related offences will probably be brought. 

    The police are actively investigating the matter to determine the full extent of Singh’s fraudulent activities and the individuals who may have fallen victim to his schemes.