From MS Dhoni In 2019 To Harmanpreet Kaur In 2023: Check Top 5 Run Outs That Broke Million Hearts

    Top 5 Cricket Run Outs

    Cricket is regarded as a religion in nations like India, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, and Australia. Many consider their favorite players in this game to be gods. Simply put, fans who cry when their team loses also cry when they cheer when their team wins.

    The game of cricket has seen some of the most shocking run-outs in the history of cricket. From MS Dhoni in 2019 to Harmanpreet Kaur in 2023, some of the most gut-wrenching run-outs have broken the hearts of millions of fans.

    Every Indian cricket fan has had familiar with ‘Run out in a semi-final’. India appeared to be cruising against Australia in the Women’s T20 World Cup semifinal on Thursday with captain Harmanpreet Kaur in the middle. But after one run out, everything was different.

    Harmanpreet’s bat got trapped in the pitch, which made it impossible for her to get across the line before being run out. Know the top 3 run-outs in cricket history that broke millions of hearts. 

    Alyssa Healy removed the bails of Kaur (2023)

    The bizarre run out of Harmanpreet Kaur during the entire game was one incident that changed the outcome. Harmanpreet Kaur raced for a single on Georgia Wareham’s delivery in the 15th over of India’s chase.

    She succeeded in completing a single, but when she attempted to return for the second one, her bat became caught in the center, preventing her from returning to the crease. 

    As the Indian captain was dismissed for 52, wicketkeeper Alyssa Healy took immediate action and removed the bails.

    Harmanpreet was disappointed by her removal and walked furiously toward the dugout. The other teammates’ reactions were similar, as everyone was taken aback.

    A direct hit from Martin Guptill to knock MS Dhoni (2019)

    The run-out saddened many Indian supporters in 2019, and the way Dhoni returned to the pavilion with tears in his eyes just added to the pain for cricket lovers all across the world.

    In 2019, MS Dhoni was the only obstacle separating New Zealand and the World Cup championship game. With 31 runs needed to be scored off the final two overs, he was entering familiar terrain.

    Lockie Ferguson was their opponent for Dhoni. He hit the opening ball for six. A billion Indians’ hopes were sparked by his six.

    In the next ball, Dhoni awkwardly fended his short delivery to the deep square leg. Dhoni returned to the crease in an effort to take the second run in order to keep the strike.

    Then Martin Guptill struck directly from 60 meters away, ending not only Dhoni’s innings but also India’s World Cup ambitions.

    Mohit Sharma’s dismissal of AB de Villiers (2015)

    In the 2015 World Cup league game, India batted first and produced a sizable total. With AB de Villiers and Faf Du Plessis at the crease, South Africa was well-placed in the chase. The MCG, the game’s venue, is known as the Cauldron.

    When the ball is passed beyond the thirty-yard circle, easy twos are available. ABD had just smashed a ball to the left of the sweeper cover and was taking a few of walks. Enter Mohit Sharma, who delivered a spectacular deep throw. He caught ABD just outside his crease.

    Sharma was not taken seriously as a fielder because he was a pacer. But qt last, his throw changed the outcome of the game.

    Blind run-out of Ross Taylor (2016)

    One of Dhoni’s best run-outs occurred during the October 2016 match between India and New Zealand. When Dhoni caught the ball from the fielder Kulkarni during the blind run-out, he threw it off on the stumps just a few milliseconds later.

    Without his even looking at the stumps, the bails went off, and Ross Taylor was out. Everyone became aware of how skilled and quick Dhoni is on the field because to this run-out.

    Dhoni’s last ball Run-out against Bangladesh (2016)

    The pressure in a world T20 match has always been tremendous. But MS Dhoni has a reputation for remaining composed in high-stress moments on the field.

    His composure and clarity of thought were key factors in India defeating Bangladesh in the final over and final ball. with just two runs needed off of one ball. In a match, this is a tense moment.

    The batter tries to hit the final ball from Hardik Pandya hard, but MS Dhoni receives it instead. The batsman wants to take a run, but MSD running could be advantageous.

    With the ball in his hands, Dhoni sprints at the speed of light, knocking the bails off. He used his presence of mind and refrained from throwing the ball directly, which is what made this situation so admirable.

    Perhaps he ran because if he had thrown the ball directly, it might have missed the stumps. And as a result, India won this game.

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