IPL 2023 Rule Change: After WPL, Players Can Review For Wides & No-balls In IPL Using DRS, Details Here

IPL WPL 2023 Rule Change

The sport of cricket is constantly evolving day by day thanks to technology. Using reviews for wides and no-balls will now be allowed in the upcoming IPL season, which might be regarded as a welcome move for the game similar to the Women’s Premier League now in play. 

Not only will this increase the accuracy of the decisions, but it will also be interesting to see how the umpires’ duties change because it undoubtedly lowers their contribution.

For the first time in a T20 league, players are able to use DRS to review wide and no-ball decisions. The first league to apply this DRS adjustment was the Women’s Premier League 2023 (WPL 2023). The next Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 will now do the same. Check complete details on WPL 2023 new rule and latest update. 

IPL, WPL 2023 Wide & No ball DRS – What is the new rule? 

For dismissals in the WPL and IPL, players will no longer be restricted to reviewing on-field decisions. These reviews for wides and no-balls are included in the two unsuccessful reviews that each team is permitted every inning. But, the leg-bye rulings cannot be reviewed via DRS.

“A player may request a review of any decision taken by the on-field umpires concerning whether or not a batter is dismissed, with the exception of ‘Timed Out’ (Player Review),” the WPL playing conditions said as per ESPNcricinfo.

“A player may also be allowed to review any decision taken by on-field umpires concerning wide or no-ball,” the playing condition added.

WPL 2023: Players are using DRS, No ball review 

The WPL’s first two games saw the use of this new feature by the players. The rule has already been applied in each of the first three games of the WPL’s debut season. Using a review in the first game of the competition, Mumbai Indians skipper Harmanpreet Kaur overturned an umpire’s wide decision after spinner Saika Ishaque’s delivery had struck the batter’s gloves.

Jemimah Rodrigues of the Delhi Capitals used a review on Sunday to challenge a delivery that appeared to be waist-high, but the TV umpire upheld the on-field decision because the hitter was bent over.

The rule was applied twice during the evening game, the second time rather forcefully. At the crucial phase of the match against the UP Warriorz, Gujarat Giants captain Sneh Rana used the review to contest the wide call on the second ball. 

The on-field decision was upheld by the TV umpire despite the tightness of the call, giving the Warriorz a crucial wide call. After a few balls, the umpire failed to call a wide, but Grace Harris disputed the call, winning a critical extra ball and one run added to her team’s total, which helped lead her team to victory.

IPL and NO-Balls controversy

In the past, the IPL has experienced criticism over contested no-ball decisions made based on height. The IPL captains will also be relieved, as they have in the past felt let down by the umpire’s decision. 

Whether it was MS Dhoni in IPL 2019, playing the same opposition, or Rishabh Pant and co. in IPL 2022, they were both upset with the no-ball decision. Both times, the on-field call was made after Pant and Dhoni had already entered the field.

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