Virat Kohli Parts Ways With Puma? Joins New Company, Know Name 

    Virat Kohli Parts Ways With Puma

    The global sensation and cricket icon Virat Kohli, bids farewell to his longstanding association with sportswear giant Puma. 

    After an illustrious eight-year partnership with Puma, Kohli has embarked on a new and exciting chapter by joining forces with Agilitas Sports, a promising one-year-old sportswear brand.

    The news of Kohli’s decision to part ways with Puma marks a strategic shift in his brand affiliations and underscores his entrepreneurial spirit. 

    Since joining Puma in 2017, Kohli has been a key figure in the brand’s marketing campaigns and has played a crucial role in enhancing its visibility and appeal in the Indian market. 

    However, the cricketing icon’s decision to explore new avenues reflects his desire to align with emerging ventures and support indigenous initiatives.

    The revelation of Kohli’s collaboration with Agilitas Sports came to light through a tweet by CNBC-TV18, which disclosed that Kohli would be joining the one-year-old brand as its brand ambassador. 

    Founded in 2023 by former Puma MD Abhishek Ganguly, Agilitas Sports aims to carve a niche for itself in the competitive sportswear industry by offering innovative and high-quality products tailored to the needs of athletes and enthusiasts.

    The tweet further highlighted that Kohli’s association with Agilitas Sports goes beyond mere endorsement, as he also holds a stake in the company. 

    This strategic partnership not only underscores Kohli’s belief in the brand’s vision and potential but also positions him as a key stakeholder in its growth trajectory.

    Kohli’s decision to venture into uncharted territory with Agilitas Sports reflects his willingness to embrace new challenges and contribute to the development of homegrown enterprises. 

    As a prominent figure in Indian cricket and a role model for millions of aspiring athletes, Kohli’s endorsement carries significant weight and is expected to bolster Agilitas Sports’ brand image and market presence.

    While Kohli’s departure from Puma marks the end of an era in his endorsement journey, his collaboration with Agilitas Sports signals a fresh beginning filled with promise and potential. 

    As fans eagerly await Kohli’s return to the field, his foray into the world of sports entrepreneurship adds an exciting dimension to his multifaceted career.

    With Kohli’s star power and Agilitas Sports’ innovative approach, this partnership is poised to redefine the dynamics of the sportswear industry and pave the way for future collaborations between athletes and emerging brands.

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