5 Best Tricks To Reach Conqueror Rank In BGMI


Achieving the conqueror rank in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is the ultimate goal for any BGMI player. It is the utmost honor a player can get, being the highest of the ranks. However, reaching the conqueror rank is no easy feat. It takes immense dedication and strategic gameplay to reach this level. It also calls for a huge amount of practice. However, there are some tips and tricks that you can use if you are trying to push your rank of conqueror. Here are the 5 best tips:

1. Choose the right map

Each player has a map that they prefer over the rest. But when you are trying to push your rank in Battlegrounds Mobile India, it is vital to keep in mind that some maps are better suited for survival points than the rest. For instance, maps like Livik are great if you are looking for intense gameplay and a quick match, with just 50 spawned players and numerous hotspots. However, bigger maps like Erangel give you a better chance for survival as it is bigger and the matches last longer.

2. Camping

The word ‘camping’ can be the sworn enemy of BGMI players and is often used as an insult. For those looking to push their rank, this is exactly what they have to do. Ensure that you do not rush when you spot an enemy. Instead, engage in combat only when an enemy spots you or begins fire. Reserve your battles for the final circles Most maps in BGMI have stealthy hiding spots where you can camp for long periods of time going unnoticed. This will increase your survival points. Remember that your primary goal is to survive.

3. Begin pushing at the start of the season

Reaching the conqueror rank takes a lot of time and can only be achieved if you begin pushing your rank in BGMI as soon as the season starts.

4. Play in squad mode

Trying to push your rank in Solo mode in BGMI is an extreme risk. If you make the slightest slip-up, you will not get a second chance. In squad mode, your teammates can help you survive and can revive you when required. It is definitely the safest bet.

5. Stay at the edge of the zone

Not dropping at the hotspots like School or Pochinki is a no-brainer. In addition, you should also try to stay at the edge of the safe-zone and move in only when the zone shrinks. This will keep you out of the sight of enemies.

Above all, don’t be disappointed if you are unable to reach the conqueror rank. With practice and patience, you can achieve it.

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