PUBG Mobile: PMSL SEA Spring 2023 Champions – Alter Ego, Final Rankings, MVP


After an impressive, unwavering performance throughout the course of the three-day Grand Finals, Indonesian team Alter Ego was crowned the winner of the first PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) SEA Spring 2023. 

In 18 games, the team collected 161 points and 91 kills. Vietnam’s Shine Like Diamond came within three points of winning the competition. The team earned the second spot in the PMSL SEA 2023 after winning the pivotal final game.

Additionally, the top two teams have secured a seat in the May 2023 PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) Riyadh tournament. 

Yoodo Alliance dropped to third place as a result of SLD’s great efforts in the championship match. 

Although the team earned the same amount of points and chicken dinners as SLD, it fell behind in terms of position points.

Vampire Esports, the defending World Invitational winner, remained in fourth place with 143 points. 

Boom Esports and HAIL were in fifth and sixth position with 131 and 123 points, respectively. 

Faze Clan, who won the league stage, came in eighth place with 116 points. 

PMSL SEA Spring 2023 Overall Rankings

  1. Alter Ego
  2. Shine Like Diamond
  3. Yoodo Alliance
  4. Vampire Esports
  5. Boom Esports

PMSL SEA Spring 2023 MVP

Rosemary from Alter Ego grabbed the title of Season MVP after an impressive 139 eliminations to his name. He also had 53 assists and 37237 damage.

Finals Match Highlights

HAIL Esports took over the opening match on Day 3 to secure a 7-kill Chicken Dinner. Bacon Time and SEM9 excelled, earning 12 and 11 points, respectively. 

Amassing 11 eliminations, Vampire Esports won the second match at Erangel. Bacon Esports and HAIL, competed admirably once more to earn 14 and 9 points, respectively.

Boom Esports, displayed immaculate prowess, recording a fantastic 16-kill Chicken Dinner and earning a total of 26 points from the third match.

The Malaysian team from Yoodo Alliance also put on a flawless performance, scoring 17 points.

Yoodo Alliance played aggressively in the fourth game, which contributed to their 15-kill victory. Geek Slate scored 15 points in an exciting 4 vs. 4 loss to Yoodo. 

Yoodo Alliance also won the fifth game with 12 frags. They were able to climb the overall standings thanks to these two consecutive Chicken Dinners. 16 points were earned by HAIL Esports, including 13 kills.

In the last match, Shine Like Diamond gave it their best, winning the Chicken Dinner, but regrettably fell short of Alter Ego in the final rankings. 

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