PUBG New State 0.9.48 Full Patch Notes And Changes, Ace League

PUBG New State

The PUBG New State 0.9.48 patch notes have been released and brings with it some interesting new changes. 

The Ace League is a thrilling in-game event that was added by the PUBG New State 0.9.48 patch. 

There will be two parts to this contest, which will take place 12 days before the end of each season. 

Players of PUBG New State may anticipate even more demanding and rewarding gaming experiences thanks to this intriguing new feature.

PUBG New State Ace League 

New State Mobile players can compete against one another in the “Ace League,” where Battle Royale guidelines are followed. 

It will take place during the second half of each season. The Preliminary round and the Main round are the two stages of the “Ace League.” 

Twelve days prior to the completion of a season, the Ace League begins play.

  • Preliminary round: 

In order to participate in the preliminary round, players’ tier points must be 3000 (Diamond) or above. To participate in the main round, players must have a ticket for the main round. 

No matter the play style or play type, players can enter the Ace League’s preliminary stage. The winner of the preliminary rounds will get a main round ticket as well as Prestige coins.

  • Main round: 

An Ace League Title and Prestige Coins are the prizes for the main round. The number of times one may join and earn coins is unlimited. 

In the Prestige Shop players may spend Prestige Coins to buy a range of items.

‘Ace League’ schedules and maps vary by region. In the map selection page, players may view the detailed schedule at least one day before the League kicks off.


  • Avanpost Spot Update: Avanpost is being revamped, a location that can only be found in NEWSTATE’s Erangel.
  • Vehicles in Erangel have also been changed. Changes to the vehicle spawn balance have also been brought in. 


  • Display of Deathmatch Profile Frame and Frame Effect: Whenever the Profile Image is shown during a Deathmatch, the Profile Frame and the Frame Effect are also shown. The lower portion of the death cam, the match-ending scoreboard, and other scoreboards are all visible.
  • Kill Count Objective for Team Deathmatch raised from 30 to 40: The kill count objective for Team Deathmatch has been raised. The kill count target has been changed back to 40 based on player input and study of in-game play data.

Adjusted Map Rotation Schedule

  • The Deathmatch category’s Station (RDM) and Exhibit Hall (TDM) matches will come to an end.
  • Erangel Recruit: A temporary closure of the Erangel Recruit mode is required for enhancements.
  • ARENA KA-BOOM! Temporarily closing the mode will allow for improvements.

New Gun Customizations

AKM C2 – Double Magazine

With the new C2 Customization option, these changes will be added to the weapon:

  • Increased Magazine capacity (30 ->50).
  • Decreased Reload Speed.

Graveyard (Siege) Changes

  • The map’s mode was earlier Squad. It is now Solo. 
  • In order to maintain balance, Android waves have been revised.
  • The inhibitor can no longer be fixed.
  • Around the inhibitor, frag grenades will start to appear.
  • Molotov cocktails will not spawn.
  • Bandages will appear at the locations where healing items spawn.
  • There are more ranking rewards introduced.

New Season Title Rewards

New season title rewards include “Most Kills,” “Most Chickens,” and “1st Place in Ace League” titles. 

It will be distributed in accordance with the quantity of victories and total kills in the Battle Royale Mode, respectively. Every season, both rankings will be refreshed.

In the games “Most Kills” and “Most Chickens,” the first, second, and third survivors will get the corresponding titles and Prestige Coins, which may be used in the future Prestige Shop. 

The only reward for the fourth till 100th survivors will be Prestige Coins.

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