Top 5 Best Tanks In World Of Tanks – Find The Perfect Tank For You

World of Tanks

World of Tanks, true to its name, houses a plethora of different tanks to choose from. Each tank is different in its own respect and offers something different to the players. 

Considering the massive number of tanks in World of Tanks, it may seem overwhelming to figure out which tank to go for.

If you are also wondering about which tank is the best in World of Tanks, you are at the right place!

Although it is quite subjective, and each player may have their own preference here are the top 5 best tanks in World of Tanks:

1. Leichttraktor


This tank is particularly best to pick up when you are a beginner. The Leichttraktor provides the longest view range among the Tier 1 tanks. 

All Tier I tanks are simple to learn, flexible in gameplay, and generally balanced. It also has the greatest Tier 1 vehicle stock gun. 

Its tremendous offensive powers, along with excellent penetration, rate-of-fire, and accuracy, make it the ideal choice for any rookie player eager to jump into the conflict.

2. IS-7


The top speed of the IS-7 is 59 km/h, which makes it faster than over 70% of the game’s tanks. The IS-7’s 490 alpha damage is equal to that of its rival, the Maus. 

It also has good penetration after reloading for 13 seconds.

The IS-7 only has 150 mm of frontal hull armour which may seem inadequate. However, the armour is angled, giving an incredible advantage. 

Enemies will require a large amount of penetration to go through the top plate of the hull if they attack this tank from the front. 

3. M4 Sherman 

M4 Sherman 
M4 Sherman 

This American medium tank possesses good gun depression, excellent mobility, and a 105mm derp gun that can one-shot kill lower-tier tanks. 

It is capable of inflicting damage even when unable to breach opposing armour. When you are up against tier 6 or 7, it is quite beneficial.

4. Object 430U

Object 430U
Object 430U

The Object 430U shines for its malleability. It comes with a 122mm gun that has one of the greatest damage-per-shot rates in its tier and an amazing reload time.

This vehicle combines the exceptional armour and firepower of a heavy tank with the enhanced maneuverability, speed, and concealment of a medium vehicle. The Object 430U also has outstanding armour.

The tank is well-suited to shooting from a mid-distance and up close. It is also simple to learn and takes little effort to master.

5. Super Conqueror

Super Conqueror
Super Conqueror

The Super Conqueror was produced in the early 1950s and was extensively tested. It boasts substantial protection all around and superior side armour compared to most of its rivals. 

It has a good rate of fire and is also pretty quick to aim. The disadvantages include its moderate speed and weak gun elevation.

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