Best Places To Find Flare Gun In BGMI Erangel

BGMI Flare Gun

Obtaining a flare gun is one of the best feelings for any BGMI player. It is more rewarding than a normal air-drop, giving enough loot for at least one other teammate.

However, with the high-quality loot that comes in a flare drop, the possibilities of finding one are also highly unlikely.

If you are wondering where to land to have the highest probability of obtaining a flare gun, here are the 5 best places to find a flare gun in the Erangel map of BGMI.

1. Georgopol 

There is a good chance that players may land a flare gun here. This powerful weapon will often be found in the three warehouses and the containers. 

It is a high-risk region, nevertheless, since the majority of seasoned players come here in search of rewarding loot and certain kills.

2. Sosnovka Military Base 

The military base is a well-liked drop and a high-risk location, and it’s perfect for finding a flare gun. Make sure you get there as soon as you can. 

The flare guns are hidden within the factory, tunnels, observatory, or lofty structures. Ensure your squad is with you since the flare is in a big area and you’ll need cover from any oncoming opponents.

3. Novorepnoye 

This is another region that pro players like to frequent because of the high loot spawn rate. It is extremely likely that you will locate a flare gun among the many containers and warehouses.

4. Mylta Power

This is the ideal drop for you if you’re an intermediate player who is still getting used to BGMI and you’re playing with an experienced group. 

Although there is a significant likelihood of surprise assaults, the fact that all the loot is within striking distance of a single large structure makes it simpler for the squad to protect each other as thoroughly as possible. 

Although a flare is not always guaranteed, there is still a possibility if luck is on your side.

5. Pochinki

On the Erangel map in BGMI, the Pochinki region has the greatest chance of harbouring a flare gun. 

The city is the greatest hot drop in the game and is classified as a high-loot region. Every game, 5–6 enemy squads will almost certainly land here.

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