BGMI: How To Increase RP Quickly


In BGMI, the seasonal campaign known as RP (Royale Pass) is the primary way for players to earn exciting rewards. 

By successfully accomplishing different missions and challenges, players may gain RP, which they can then use to purchase cosmetic items and enhancements. 

In Battlegrounds Mobile India, there are two different kinds of Royale Passes: Free and Elite.

BGMI players will gain items and cosmetic enhancements as they level up with the Free Royale Pass, which doesn’t need any payment. 

The benefits from the Elite Royale Pass will be much more enticing and desirable than these items, however.

The Elite Royale Pass brings in more eye-catching player cosmetics and items, but it also costs 600 UC to purchase. The in-game currency known as UC can be bought using real money.

Keep reading to find out how to increase your RP in BGMI.

How to increase BGMI RP

Log in to the game on a daily basis. By receiving the daily log-in bonus, gamers will get a consistent stream of BGMI RP each day.

BGMI players can also complete the daily events. The game’s main page allows you to keep track of the many Daily Events that are always taking place throughout the day. 

Be careful to continuously check in on the daily activities to make sure you do all the required tasks.

With most games, this will guarantee an RP Bonus. However, sometimes there are no RP benefits for the Daily Events.

Weekly Events run throughout the week with a greater RP bonus, just as Daily Events do. However, in order to get a big bonus, the player must hit more targets.

The Elite Royale Pass is expensive at 600 UC, which makes it difficult to buy. Nevertheless, purchasing it becomes an alternative when taking into account the attractive cosmetic skins and accessories that are included.

You may also advance swiftly in the RP ranks by directly purchasing RP points from the market if you do not mind spending real money.

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