Guide To Hatch Sniffers In Minecraft

Minecraft Sniffers

Sniffer creatures are now available in Minecraft 1.20 which has got most Minecraft players excited. Exploration adventures in Minecraft are made more exciting by camels and sniffers. 

In warm ocean ruins, sniffer eggs are concealed in suspicious gravel blocks. Roughly rectangular in shape, they are about the same size as dragon eggs. 

Sniffer eggs may be discovered by players in the warm ocean ruins of Minecraft.

You may first find Minecraft Sniffer Eggs by digging up Suspicious Sand in Warm Ocean Ruins with the new Brush tool. 

How to hatch Minecraft Sniffers

You may go back to land to begin the incubation process after you’ve found two for breeding. Sniffer Eggs may hatch on any block in around 20 minutes, unlike Turtle Eggs, which hatch on Sand.

In contrast, a Sniffer Egg in Minecraft will hatch twice as quickly in 10 minutes if it is placed on a moss block. 

Lush Caves, the temperate Overworld cave biomes that grow underneath Azalea Trees, are where moss blocks spawn. 

You must look for oak-like trees with a yellow-green tinge and azaleas blossoming all over their leaves in order to locate these trees. Find the Lush Cave by sifting through the Rooted Dirt below.

Your Sniffer Egg will hatch into a Snifflet, which is the young version of your Sniffer. The young passive mob will transform into a Sniffer after around 40 minutes, and it will then look for Pitcher Pods and Torchflower Seeds. 

Sniffers may farm as many Pitcher Pods and Torchflower Seeds as they like as long as they are surrounded by a 6×6 area of appropriate blocks. 

In specific, Torchflower Seeds are what’s needed to breed Sniffers.

Sniffers may collect seeds and pods from any block that can support the planting of saplings. 

Dirt, grass blocks, Podzol, coarse dirt, rooted dirt, moss blocks, mud, and muddy mangrove roots are some of these blocks. 

Unlike when their eggs hatch, sniffers do not find seeds more quickly while grazing on top of moss blocks.

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