Minecraft 1.20 Best Seeds Guide To Unlock New Features

Minecraft seeds

Since the release of the Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales update, the community has discovered an immense number of fantastic world seeds to use for a variety of purposes. 

Some provide great resources or useful spawn points, while others give you the chance to immediately try out the new features of the Minecraft 1.20 release.

Here are the 5 best seeds to try out in Minecraft currently.

1. 8764718009920 

This seed could fulfill your needs if you desire a great, balanced beginning for your Minecraft 1.20 world and want to see the features. 

You will start off in a plains biome with two nearby villages. The neighbouring mountains include cherry grove biomes as well.

You should use caution even if it is worthwhile to mine the mountains for minerals. Near the spawn point, at (X: 200, Y: -51, Z: 8), and (X: 392, Y: -51, Z: 8), respectively, are two ancient cities that have been buried.

Anyone who wants to play with the brand-new Sniffer mob has a lot of options, including this Minecraft 1.20 seed. 

It can be difficult to find a Sniffer Egg since they are only present in warm oceans. However, to the north of your starting point in this seed lies a large, warm ocean.

2. 14912264

The ocean ruins may be generated with one or more huts, and this particular warm ocean is unusual in that it includes a large number of ocean ruins that are packed together. 

After clearing suspicious sand and gravel from all of these ruins, you will most certainly bring at least a few of sniffer eggs and other wonderful things back with you.

3. 9111864041620846695

When archaeology was added to Minecraft in version 1.20, path ruins were not the only location that was meant to be accessible with the new feature. 

A wide variety of structures, such as pyramids in the desert and wells in the desert, were also found to have received suspicious blocks that might be brushed for items such as pottery sherds.

When you spawn in this seed’s biome, you will be in a large desert that has many villages. 

In these villages, you will be able to catch a ride on the new camel mob. Alternatively, you could simply make a brush and then search the adjacent pyramids and wells for ancient items. 

4. 2740088514387298714 

In Minecraft 1.20, cherry groves can generate in a variety of sizes, and this Bedrock seed has one that is a good size and is located directly at the spawn point. 

Immediately after entering the world, you will see a cliff range that is replete with a multitude of cherry trees, pink petals, and passive mobs. 

A ruined portal may be found in this cherry grove biome at the coordinates (X: 168, Z: 136). This is an added bonus.

There is also a village at the opposite foot of the cherry grove biome, which should be handy for trade and shelter if it becomes necessary. 

5. 2725214931529352700

You will begin your adventure on a deserted island if you use this Minecraft 1.20 seed. 

You won’t have any trouble constructing a boat in Minecraft since there are lots of trees available for you to chop down. 

There is a large hill with a cherry grove biome on top, and beneath it lies a gigantic cave made of exposed dripstone. This cave even has an old mine shaft that has been abandoned.

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