PUBG Mobile: How To Get New Marmoris X Suit

PUBG Mobile Marmoris X-Suit

In PUBG Mobile, the highly acclaimed Marmoris X-Suit makes its appearance from August 4 until October 5. 

This latest addition to the X-Suit lineup has the alluring Bejeweled Pearl Glider in addition to a distinctive glide effect. Read ahead to find out more about the Marmoris X Suit in PUBG Mobile.

Marmoris X-Suit 

The Marmoris X-Suit, like previous X-Suits, has seven upgradeable forms that players may buy with UC. 

The X-Suit may be improved to add additional levels to its visual appeal, giving gamers who are lucky enough to use this unique suit a satisfying and interesting experience.


The Marmoris X-Suit distinguishes itself with a unique glide animation that enables players to fly through the air like elegant mermaids, giving their battlefield moves a fantastical touch. 

The X-Suit and Bejeweled Pearl Glider are the ideal match, adding even more elegance.

Players may enjoy particular Marmoris X-Suit interactions in addition to the breathtaking X-Suit. 

Futhermore, a mesmerising lobby entering animation draws players further into PUBG Mobile’s environment and heightens their interest in this amazing character.

Marmoris X-Suit Cheer Park and Spawn Island

At its strongest, the Marmoris X-Suit’s 7-Star form enables users to conjure a majestic statue in Cheer Park and Spawn Island, establishing their unstoppable presence, and inspiring dread in their enemies.

The Marmoris X-Suit represents Marmoris, a strong being from another planet with a deep affinity for sea life. 

Her enemies are in awe of her incredible strength despite her mysterious and lovely exterior. When challenged, she changes into a disastrous force on the battlefield.

PUBG Mobile players can now obtain the Marmoris X Suit in the game. Look for the Marmoris X-Suit event in the game’s event centre. 

To get the benefits, players must spend their in-game money, or UC. Draw the prizes with UC up until you unlock the game’s new X-Suit.

This X Suit is definitely one that should not be missed!

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