PUBG Mobile World Of Wonder Additions: Teleportation, UAZ, And More

PUBG Mobile World of Wonder

A new mode called World of Wonder has been added to the most recent PUBG Mobile update, which is presently available on all worldwide servers. 

Players may design their own maps in this mode by combining different items, decorations, and structures. 

Over 2000 unique maps have already been made by creators in a short period of time. Teleportation, UAZ, and other features were introduced to the mode by Level Infinite.

Players must first choose a template before they may build a custom map. There are several templates available, including deserts, cities, and forests. 

Players may add items, decorations, and structures to the map after choosing a template. Since there are more than 1000 distinct things available, gamers may truly let their imaginations take over.

Players may include gameplay devices in addition to items and decorations in their own maps in this mode of PUBG Mobile

Races, obstacle courses, and even battle royales may all be made compelling gaming experiences with these devices.

PUBG Mobile World of Wonder Mode

Players may express their ideas and have fun with the World of Wonder mode. It’s a terrific opportunity for players to practise their map-making abilities. 

There is certain to be something for everyone to enjoy with over 2000 unique maps already made.

Some of the most well-liked custom maps to date are listed below:

  • The City of Dreams is a vast city, complete with skyscrapers, green spaces, and even a subway system.
  • The Forest of Mystery map is a deep woodland full of scary monsters.
  • The strongest things are the only ones that survive on the map known as “The Desert of Doom,” which is a desolate wasteland.

These are but a handful of the many custom maps that have been produced. 

The World of Wonder mode will surely keep gamers amused for a very long time because of the abundance of inventiveness available to exhibit.

Players can jump into the World of Wonder mode if they’re seeking a fresh way to play PUBG Mobile. 

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