IPL 2024: 3 Reasons Why Jasprit Bumrah Can Win PURPLE CAP

Jasprit Bumrah Purple Cap

Jasprit Bumrah, the main bowler of the Mumbai Indians and a backbone in the Indian cricket team’s bowling attack across formats, is once again making headlines in IPL 2024. 

With his remarkable performances in the tournament so far, Bumrah is a strong contender for the IPL 2024 Purple Cap. If you are looking for the answer to Who will win Purple Cap in IPL 2024? Bumrah can be the answer. 

After the MI vs RCB clash held in Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, Jasprit Bumrah is currently holding the Purple Cap with 10 wickets in just 5 matches. 

Here are three key reasons why Jasprit Bumrah can win the Purple Cap this season:

1. Mastery of Death Bowling:

Jasprit Bumrah’s prowess in the death overs is unparalleled in modern cricket. Renowned for his pinpoint accuracy and deadly yorkers, Bumrah consistently delivers crucial breakthroughs for his team when it matters the most. 

His ability to bowl under pressure and execute yorkers with precision makes him a nightmare for batsmen in the final overs of the innings. 

Bumrah’s hunger for picking wickets in the death overs not only restricts the opposition’s run-scoring but also tilts the momentum in favor of his team, making him a prime candidate for the Purple Cap.

2. Variety and Skillset:

What sets Jasprit Bumrah apart from his contemporaries is his diverse skill set and the array of variations he possesses. 

From lethal yorkers to deceptive slower balls and well-disguised bouncers, Bumrah keeps the batsmen guessing with his unpredictable deliveries. 

His ability to bowl effectively with the new ball as well as during the middle and death overs adds versatility to Mumbai Indians’ bowling attack. 

Bumrah’s adaptability to different match situations and surfaces makes him a potent threat to opposition batsmen throughout the IPL season.

3. Impactful Performances and Consistency:

In IPL 2024, Jasprit Bumrah has already left a lasting impact with his match-winning performances. 

With 10 wickets in just 5 matches, including a memorable five-wicket haul against Royal Challengers Bangalore, Bumrah has demonstrated his ability to turn the game on its head single-handedly. 

Whether it’s dismantling the top order or delivering crucial breakthroughs in tight situations, Bumrah consistently delivers for his team with his lethal bowling. 

His ability to perform consistently at a high level makes him a frontrunner for the Purple Cap this season.