IPL Records: Top 5 IPL Teams with the Most 200+ Scores

IPL Records: Top 5 IPL Teams with the Most 200+ Scores

In this IPL Records article, we’ll share the top 5 IPL Teams which have the highest number of 200+ Scores. The Indian Premier League (IPL), one of the most popular cricket formats is expected to host its 2020 season between 19 September 2020 and 8 November 2020. This game is in such high demand, that even COVID-19 could not stop it from taking place. This edition is going to be the most expensive tournament across the globe due to the changes that had to be incorporated to create a secure environment for the players. The fans are waiting anxiously for the tournament.

The best thing about IPL is the number of runs scored through the games. The audience is always thrilled to watch their favorite teams getting more runs including boundaries and sixes.

The IPL competition has brought the batting skills of the players to the forefront. Since 2008, every episode of IPL has left the fans in awe. From McCullum scoring 158* to Gayle scoring 175*, the game has never seen a dull moment.

Scoring more than 200 runs was not an easy thing in the previous formats of cricket, especially within 20 overs. However, the T20 format made the pitch heaven for the batsmen. It has become so normal that we can show a team scoring more than 200 runs over 87 games in IPL.

Top 5 IPL teams with the most 200+ scores:

5. Kolkata Knight Riders – 11 Double Centuries

Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) is again one of the most cherished teams in the game whose steady performance brought two titles in their IPL career. The team has a combination of players who ensure the quality of performance. From the inaugural edition to the latest 2019 tournament, KKR has been under the influence of Brendon McCullum and Andre Russel. So, when the team made 11 200+ runs on different matches, it was no surprise to anyone.

KKR scored the first 200+ (222 to be precise) runs on the very first game of the inaugural edition of the IPL on 18 April 2008. The match was against RCB where McCullum’s batting led to 222 runs and seven wickets left.

Out of 11 scores, 4 Double Centuries were made against KXIP by KKR. In 2018, KKR scored a massive 245 runs with 5 wickets left against the same team where players like Dinesh Karthik, Sunil Narine, and Andre Russell destroyed the bowlers with their best performance. The latest 200+ score for KKR is again alongside KXIP in which KKR won by scoring 218 runs in 2019 season.

4. Mumbai Indians – 12 Double Centuries

Mumbai Indians

The Mumbai Indians (MI) franchise is one of the best teams in the Indian Premier League. With their consistent performance and dedication, the team successfully established themselves and won the IPL tournament every other season since 2013.

MI has a record of 12 200+ scores throughout the years. The franchise has been fortunate to have some of the best batsmen like Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard, and Rohit Sharma in their team. These players are notorious with their batting skill which is why it did not take long for the team to score their first 200+ runs.

Mumbai Indians had 202 runs on the very first season of the IPL game in 2008 against Chennai Super Kings. Unfortunately, in this match, MI did not win. Still, the performance of Abhishek Nayar and Robin Uthappa is worth mentioning.

The most recent 200+ score made by team MI was against Kolkata Knight Riders in the 2018 edition of IPL where they scored 210 runs. It was Ishan Kishan who led the team to the next level by defeating KKR by 102 runs. He faced 21 balls and made 62 runs!

3. Kings XI Punjab – 13 Double Centuries

Kings XI Punjab

It might be a shocker for you to come across Kings XI Punjab in this list and on the third position no less.

KXIP does not have a reliable track record like most of the other teams in the Indian Premier League. The team qualified for the playoffs only once and never won the tournament. But they are just six numbers short from the CSK team in terms of 200+ scores. While CSK holds 19 200+ scores, KXIP has 13 under its belt that made it possible for them to hold third place.

As mentioned earlier, KXIP went to the finals only once and that was their best performance throughout the years. In 2004 season of the competition, Glenn Maxwell smashed the bowlers with his batting and scoring 200+ runs five times. His outstanding performance led the team to the finals as well as the third spot for the IPL team with the most 200+ score.

KXIP scored their first 200+ runs in 2008, the opening season of the IPL. The last 200+ score (214 to be precise) was made in 2018 while playing against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR).

2. Chennai Super Kings – 19 Double Centuries

Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is known to be one of the most talented and persistent teams in the Indian Premier League. CSK showed exceptional performance from all aspects throughout the years. The team was eligible for playoffs for a total of ten times out of which they qualified and played for the finals eight times.

CSK has a team of some of the best players like MS Dhoni, Michael Hussey, and Suresh Raina, who are responsible for the consistently good performance of the team. With a history of scoring huge runs throughout all the seasons of the IPL, CSK is a proud holder of 200+ scores for 19 times. For a team that was banned from playing for two years, this is a remarkable achievement. Their performance places them in the second spot on the list with six more 200+ scores than Kings XI Punjab (KXI).

The first time CSK scored 200+ was at the 2008 season of IPL while competing against KXIP.

Murali Vijay scored 127 in the 2010 edition of IPL making it the highest total score for the team which was 246/5.

The last 200+ runs were scored in the 2018 edition of IPL against Delhi Daredevils in which the total score was 211/4. During this match, the aggressive battings by MS Dhoni, Shane Watson, and Ambati Rayadu made it possible for CSK to hit their 19th 200+ run score. This score was achieved once the team was back playing on the field after the two-years ban proving their outstanding performance.

1. Royal Challengers Bangalore – 21 Double Centuries

Royal Challengers Bangalore

The Royal Challengers Bangalore team may not be at their best form now, but their prior accomplishments are undeniable.

It’s true that the glorious moments of players like Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle mercilessly crushing their opponents seem to have taken a backseat for now. But that does not expunge the successes that the team once held. So, it does not surprise us to see RCB holding the number one position in this list.

With 21 double centuries under its belt, the IPL franchise has built a record of the highest number of 200+ runs scored. Quite a few of these matches remain memorable for the IPL lovers.

The highest score of RCB took place in 2013 when the team played against Pune Warriors and scored 263/5. Chris Gayle left the entire stadium awestruck by his 175 runs in this match.

RCB made its first 200+ runs in a match against Kings XI Punjab. While it took them two years of being a part of the IPL to reach there, RCB still remains the team to hold the record of the highest number of 200+ scores.