Ben Stokes again in controversy

Ben Stokes again in Controversy Drama

It seems like Ben Stokes, the vice-captain of England cannot stay away from controversies. England won the World Cup for the first time after a nail-biting match. Though they could not keep the urn, but did quite well in Ashes, too. Ben Stokes was one of the main heroes in these series. Last week he achieved the Players’ Player of the Year award at the Professional Cricketers’ Association Awards.

A few years ago, he was seen involved in a fight or quarrel just the outer side of the Bristol bar which landed him in jail. After that, he stayed away from these types of incidents. Almost at the same time, he also married Clare, who was his girlfriend for a long time and his love as well. Clare was one who always supported him and never left his side during his low phase of his life. He has always admitted Clare’s contribution to make his life better.

But a disturbing image is surfacing on the internet for a few days. In this recent online post, it is shown that Ben was squeezing his wife’s neck at the Roundhouse in Camden. The award ceremony was held there.

What nonsense these people will make up!

After the post became viral online, everyone was assuming that some problem is going on between Ben and his wife. They thought it was some physical assault. But Clare, his beloved wife came in front to clear the confusion and rescue her husband. She blasted the reporters to write down such crap without showing the full truth. She said that they often do that like squishing each other face. This is a way to show love and affection to each other. She also posted a picture of her, grabbing his husband’s face with her hand.

She tweeted that it was so unbelievable that people can make up anything they want. She told that how they show their affection by squishing up. That day, they were doing the same at that place and some pap found an opportunity to make a fake story by twisting the actual truth. And they also spent time in romance in McDonalds before when that image was clicked. Stokes also retweeted his wife’s post later to support her statement.

It is shown that they are still so much into each other. The loving couple got married in October 2017 in Somerset. They are also happy parents of a six year old son Layton and four year old daughter Libby.

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