Cricketer Arrested for Sending Vulgar Messages to Underage Schoolgirls

The player was arrested by the police officers from Tynemouth Cricket Club ground while he was training with his teammates on the ground.

A 23-year-old cricketer is arrested for sending below-the-belt messages to a 13-year-old girl on social media. The name of the cricketer is David Hymers and he has been sentenced for three years with a sex offending program. The player was arrested by the police officers from Tynemouth Cricket Club ground while he was training with his teammates on the ground.

Hymers was quizzed by the undercover agents of Guardians of the North. The player was left shocked after he was asked about his online chats with the girl, who is underage. Every of his teammate was stunned after the senior person openly asked Hymers about his latest conversations on social media. Even, the player was informed that the police is on its way and he needs to open up on his chats.

Local Cricketer arrested for having vulgar conversation with underage girl

“The police are on their way,” he was later informed by the group as per a report published in the Mirror.

In the end, he finally accepted the charges and revealed his sex chat with the underage girl. Interestingly, the agents of Gurdains made a fake account and made Hymer believe that he was talking to a 13-14 year old girl.

Andrew Espley, advocate revealed that the culprit even said statements like

“Hey, that’s a nice top, did you get it on sale because it’s 100 percent off at my place.”

“He said he would extend the offer to their pants,” Espley further said,

Hymers himself used a fake account with the name ‘Hugh’ to have a conversation with the girl. Meanwhile, the local player was also made aware that he was talking to an underage girl. But, still he continued with his vulgar conversation.

Ben Nolan QC clared that  paedophile hunter, who are working for the welfare of the society are perfectly working under the laws. And, finally the local player David Hymers was sentenced for three years along with sex offender program requirements

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