Cricketing veteran Captain Cool, Dhoni unfolded his superstitious side


Dhoni is a cricketing veteran and he is among the most adored players of his time, based on his extravagant cricketing career. Throughout his career, he earned notable acclaim including the greatest awards like the T20 Championship of 2007, World Cup of 2011 and the Champions Trophy of 2013. During his captaincy, the Indian Test cricket team reached the number 1 rank.

He has scored over 15,000 runs in an international career, and he is certainly about to reach the end, but India does not have any staunch replacement for him yet. While in the session of 2018, Dhoni could not come up with a good score, which got him to the criticism and most of them suggesting his retirement. Even in the present year, his form is still on par.

Presently, Dhoni is the part of the Indian side which in England for the World Cup 2019 and the clash of the clans is around the corner. That must be understood that what the “Clash of the Clans” would mean. If not, then here it is, India is going to take on Pakistan this Sunday, June 16, in Manchester. While the form so far in the event is still not the best, but he managed to score a century against Bangladesh during the warm-up games.

Well, such a master-class player who is enriched with a boastful career also carries some superstitious elements linked to his game. In the past, Dhoni shared multiple chapters of strategy that could be applied during the game. But at the same time, the clouds of regression covered him when the lost tosses became the discussion. This was the very first time it was heard that a veteran cricket goes on with some superstitious elements.

I am Better When I Have More Options:

During an event, Dhoni said, “It seems like it is a common thing among the cricketers being superstitious and that is certainly a part of the routine. The common problem among most of us is for the legs, which one of the places first while entering the field, even when I go down to the field I would prefer putting the left leg first but even after putting I would mix up my thoughts recalling which leg did I pace first”

He further added, “Everything goes fine if I have more than two options, but if there are two, really make me confused. In the past, I already lost 29 tosses out of either 32 or 33 while playing in India. Though I did try to change every such approach towards the game, even during IPL I practiced this a lot, but at every new game I was at the old same spot.”

And at the end, he stated, “I randomized my routine to shuffle everything that was going in my mind, and that was something really controllable for me. But that is something every cricketer has it, whether he is a wicket-keeper or a batsman”


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