Ganguly says India should stay ready to face life without Dhoni

Ganguly says India should stay ready to face life without Dhoni

Let us know the story first

Ambiguity can be observed appearing clearly upon future of Dhoni in the Indian cricket team. According to Sourav Ganguly who was the first international captain when Dhoni played, the Indian cricket team needs to stay ready for the unavoidable circumstances that reveal when the team is playing without Maai or MS Dhoni.

If you did not know

After India’s heart-breaking exit in the semi-final of recent world cup, many earlier as well as latest cricket players have shared their opinions about the retirement of Dhoni. MS Dhoni was not present for the West Indies series because he was then serving his regiment.

As a matter of fact

Sourav Ganguly, while sharing his views with India Today, said that such a stage arrives in every player’s career. He mentioned , “Big Player have to hang their shoes for good eventually,That’s the sport. Look at football, Maradona had to quit. There hasn’t been a bigger player than him. Tendulkar, Lara, Bradman.. everyone had to quit. This is the way system has been and will be. So this scenario will come for Dhoni as well.”

Ganguly says India should stay ready to face life without Dhoni

However, Ganguly reiterated that the decision should be left on Dhoni himself.

Though Ganguly restated that it is Maahi’s personal decision and should be left on him only. “He is at that stage of his Crickting career where he has to evaluate where he stands. He has to decide whether  he can win matches for India …..”

Ganguly further talked to India Today and said, “Because with players like MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, until they play, there will be expectations that they will play like in this way and win matches in the same style. I think Dhoni has to make this decision. Only a player knows that how much fuel is left in the tank and how much of his match-winning ability is intact,”

Even after not knowing the exact time of Dhoni pulling back his career strings, Sourav Ganguly thinks that the country should stay ready for the predictable and unavoidable. He also stated, “Indian cricket community will have accept the fact that MS Dhoni won’t be playing forever and he won’t be around for too long. But I believe Dhoni has to take this decision himself,”.

Ganguly says India should stay ready to face life without Dhoni

So what comes next?

During the next month, India looks forward to playing the three-match T20 series against South Africa at homeland. It will really be an exciting situation to observe whether MS Dhoni shows himself during the selection procedure or not. And yes, if he does appear for the same, it will have to be seen even more interestingly that whether he gets selected for the upcoming series or not!

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