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Why Sharma’s opening as great successful? 3 reasons to know. India vs South Africa 2k19


In the present IND vs SA series, Rohit Sharma managed to bad a couple of centuries to his record. Sharma is already an influential batsman in the Indian squad. Well, the centuries were not for his favorite ODI format. Instead, he scored those in the test game.


Rohit Sharma added the centuries to his record during the first test match between IND vs SA played at Vizag. The centuries could be classified as the splendid batting style of Sharma that he depicts more often. During the first test match in the present IND vs SA, Rohit Shamar got a chance to play as the opener. First, he made himself comfortable with the wicket conditions and the outfield, resulting in a slower strike rate. Soon as he settled, he rose his strike rate after hitting some sixes.

Based on his first time opening seat, we have discussed some points of satiety for his successful stance:

3. Confidence and Matureness Are Well at a Level:

One day games are heaven for Rohit Sharma. But the test matches were never a good fortune for him. The present IND vs SA test match was his first since December of 2018.

This 32 years old veteran had a wonderful One Day spree in the present session. In the recent Cricket World Cup 2019, Sharma scored the highest runs in the tournament. He maintained the batting average of 81 runs and scored 648 runs with the support of 5 tons. His present limited format record helped him perform fantastic in the IND vs SA first test match of the series.

IND vs SA- Why Rohit's test Debut as an opener so successful?

Besides the confidence boost, another aspect is his matureness. Rohit Sharma had been under the flame of giving away his precious wicket in the test games. But the present performance has shown that he learned to contain his wicket.

After he knocked a ton during the first inning, there was a tension in the dressing room that Sharma might lose concentration. But he managed to cope up with the expectations of his coaches and perform brilliantly.

2. Using Rabada at His Best:

The Cricket World Cup 2019 was not so well for Kagiso Rabada. He just pocketed 11wickets and maintained 36.09 as the bowling average. Though that was just an upset for South Africa and their board was already expecting their bowlers to give a hard time to India.

But Rohit Sharma did not let that happen. He played-off Rabada pretty well along with his teammates. In the due course he did not seem confused at all.

But the story was not all about successes. Rabada had maintained a good line and length and delivered quality bowling. That led India score only 22 runs in the first 10 overs of the first day. Rabada was way furious. Still, Rohit Sharma managed to play him.

IND vs SA- Why Rohit's test Debut as an opener so successful?

Soon as Sharma was set, he started playing some stylish strokes. And Rabada could not get a chance to remove Sharma of the crease.

1. Spinner Bothered Less:

Rohit Sharma equally played the spinners pretty well. He played a few knocks off Rabada which made him rely on the spin spells.

Certainly, the spinners got the most runs in that IND vs SA game. The economy rate shows that Keshay Maharaj managed to take 5 wickets and maintain an economy of 4.12 with Senuran Muthusamy taking 1 at 4.61. In a way that is not spectacular at all.

But the lead spinner Piedt ended at 5.80 which is yet the worst among them. Sharma’s 13 sixes mostly got of Piedt.

During the first inning, Rohit Sharma was enough settled to raise the scoring rate. He moved down the track and played his natural game.

IND vs SA- Why Rohit's test Debut as an opener so successful?

Then in the next few overs, he added some additional shots into the slots. He was sweeping and even driving ball after ball.

Out of his 176, he had a major share against the spinners.

In the second inning, the game went nearly the same way as the first one. But Shama could only score 127 in total in the second inning. But that helped India to declare as early as 230 setting a target for 395.

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