Virat Kohli clarifies rumor about differences with Rohit Sharma

Virat & Kohli dispute

Lately there are lot of rumors floating around in social media about some rift between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. After the loss in the World Cup 2019 Semi-Final, the rumors have become stronger. According to the rumors, the Indian limited overs vice-captain isn’t happy with the captaincy of Virat Kohli. Due to which talks about a possible leadership change has started.

Rohit Sharma is a very experienced leader. He has proved his leadership on numerous occasions. He is the only captain who has managed to guide his team Mumbai Indians to Win the IPL tournament more than three times. Last year Sharma was the skipper of the Indian Cricket team during the time Kohli took rest. Under his Leadership India Won the Nidahas Trophy with a fairly young team, along with that they also won Asia Cup Trophy.  

However, the scenario is slightly different for Virat Kohli. Although he managed to win bilateral series, but under his leadership the Team has not won any major ICC Tournament.

Due to which several demands to change the limited overs captain have started rising, this rumor has created some serious ripples all over the internet.

Virat Kohli clarifies the whole scenario

Before leaving for his series against West Indies, Virat kohli addressed the media & clarified the whole situation. As he knew media would eventually raise questions about the differences in the Indian Cricket team. He stated that all these rumors are fake.

Kohli quoted that ” We wouldn’t have had the kind of performances we’ve had if the dressing room atmosphere wasn’t a good one. It is only possible due to the mutual support, fellowship, trust and understanding in our team. If I don’t like a person, you’ll see it on my face. I have always praised Rohit whenever he has performed well. I don’t know who is benefitting with all these stories. It’s baffling and ridiculous to read such stuff”