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Jasprit Bumrah- A born prodigy with Exceptional Bowling talent


Jasprit Bumrah is no doubt India’s stunner. The young fast bowler is someone on whom India boasts a lot. He has not only proved himself with his knee-breaking Yorkers but also has delivered when India was lacking good bowling in death overs. Bumrah has built her reputation by being different. A short jog followed by a nimble bowling motion with bony arms, where it seemed like everything could go wrong until it didn’t.

Its reliability is surprisingly starting to stand out in the midst of the IPL turmoil. Under the guidance of a death archery expert like Lasith Malinga, Bumrah flourished. He made his debut in the 2013 edition of the competition, where he barely had much playing time, but would quickly become a regular MI player playing 11 in subsequent seasons.

Jasprit Bumrah Born To Be A Legendary Bowler

The inevitable call finally came when Bumrah traveled with the Indian team to Australia to replace Mohammad Shami, finally making his debut in a deadly rubber fight at Sydney Cricket Ground. He performed consistently in the colorful clothing and has since become an irreplaceable asset to his captain, keeping morale high and becoming MS Dhoni’s bowling partner as the ultimate expert for India.

He went on to deliver a commendable performance for a fast young pitcher at India’s next world event, the ICC Champions Trophy in 2017, where he won just 4 balls in 5 games, but conceding to an economical rate of just 5 extra points, is particularly impressive for a deadly prison breakout specialist.

It has the advantage of a unique style. Then he worked at his own pace. Then he started working on yorkers. He wants to play bowling on his own. He earned the Yorker King label with his passion and dedication. The bowling style is the reason why Bumrah has hit the charts of ICC so quickly. In 67 ODI matches, the 27 years old has taken 108 wickets. 87 wickets in 21 test matches and 59 wickets in 49 T20I matches. Bumrah has consistently India’s bowling hope as he has always done economical spells.

With under 3, 5, and 7 in Tests, ODIs, and T20Is respectively Bumrah takes a chill pill and makes it difficult for everyone to play him. Many of us might remember his bowling against Sri Lanka in the last league match of ICC CWC 2019.  He didn’t conceive a single run for 4 overs.

 In addition to his unique moves, speed, and ability to cross the ball at will, his ability to quickly grasp the situation has helped him immensely. He quickly understands the terrain and adjusts his bowling plan accordingly. He only had the experience of bowling on Indian courts during his first IPL season which he put to good use in his international career. When he arrived in Australia for his first international tour for the T20 series, he showed his potential and showed how to deal with a quick rebound and pitch.

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Fast Inswingers

Bumrah, with his great relaxed hands and wide use of pleats, is already a lingerie maker by nature. As a result, the MI curler has become a deadly client for right-handers with his sticks aimed at stumps at speeds above 140 km/h. Besides the angled players, Bumrah’s unscripted tailoring began to give the ball valuable space in midfield.

Out swinging Deliveries

The smart bowler from India invented his own swing by playing with leggings without twisting his wrists and without slowing down. When this method worked, it turned out to involve a bit of sewing and wrist work. The seam touches the ground, reacts to the action of Bumrah’s wrist, and comes across as a surprisingly excellent tennis player.

Yorkers are the Key

Bumrah`s yorker has become a debugger for both right- and left-handed users due to its impeccable accuracy and speed. Even Lasith Malinga, who is known for his York lovers, doesn’t have this consistency, and it backfired on him most of the time with all-out pitching and delivery. However, Bumrah has developed an unrivaled consistent skill in producing yorks.

Slower balls came when Bumrah needed more selection in the T20 formats. Also, Bumrah’s insight allows him to use it well in other formats. Given Bumrah’s actions, the last thing a pitcher expects from him is a slower ball. The drummer will need a spontaneous reflex to face the slower person successfully.

Taking every aspect into consideration, Bumrah is a gem for India and is a vital part of Indian bowling. Seeing at Bumrah’s style, Bumrah must be telling Virat Kohli “Call me when you want, Call me when you need”. Bumrah is dedicated and always works on his bowling, and he will be an important aspect in the series against England.

Jasprit Bumrah’s Performance In SENA Country’s Since 2018:

Player Wickets
Jasprit Bumrah66
Mohammed Shami56
Ishant Sharma45
Ravi Ashwin43
Ravindra Jadeja24
Mohammed Siraj13

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