Motera Stadium – Top 10 Things you need to know about the World’s Largest Stadium

Motera Stadium

Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America (USA) attended the event ‘Namaste Trump’ hosted by PM Narendra Modi at the revamped Motera Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad on 24 February 2020.

The Motera Stadium is also known as the Sardar Patel Stadium. The stadium earlier had a capacity of 54,000, and now it has been renovated to accommodate 1,10,000.

The ‘Namaste Trump’ will be marked by cultural programs that will be performed by many artists, including Kailash Kher.

As you read this, Mr Trump has already addressed people in the newly built stadium. Let’s take a look at the rechristened Motera Stadium, Ahmedabad.

Here some important things you should know the new Motera Cricket Stadium

Motera Stadium -KhelTalk Overview

1 – The seating capacity of Motera Cricket Stadium

With a seating capacity of 1,10,000, the Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad is now the largest Cricket stadium in the world. If you talk about the biggest overall stadium in the world, it is the Rungrado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea. The seating capacity of this stadium is 1,14,000.

2 – The history behind the construction and renovation of Motera Cricket Stadium       

The Motera came into being after the donation of 100 acres of land by the Gujarat Government on Sabarmati’s riverbank way back in 1982. The construction of the Sardar Patel Stadium was completed in only 9 months. Before the stadium came into existence, international Cricket matches were staged in Municipal Corporation Stadium of Ahmedabad. The stadium went for reconstruction in 2016. But its proposal was made by Narendra Modi, the President of the Gujarat Cricket Association.

3 – Facilities at a glance at the Sardar Patel Stadium

The newly reconstructed Motera Stadium now is being said to have state-of-the-art world-class facilities. It has a clubhouse with 55 rooms, a multi-feature Gym and even an Olympic size swimming pool. The new Sardar Patel Stadium is spread across 63 acres and comes with 3 entry points. You can also access 76 corporate boxes that come with a seating capacity of 25 each. It also has 4 depressing rooms, 3 practice grounds, and an indoor Cricket academy.  

4 – Key construction stats of the Stadium at a glance

It was the Populous Group that gave the Motera Stadium its new look, and it was built after collaborating with Larsen and Toubro, India’s leading contractor. The Motera Stadium looks all set to open for hosting International Cricket matches in 2020.  

Motera Stadium Construction -KhelTalk Overview

5 – What challenges did Populous face in the redevelopment of the stadium? 

– The first challenge was to almost double up the seating capacity of the stadium from 54,000 to 1,10,000. The plan was to add 10,000 more people into the fold to surpass the Melbourne Cricket Ground’s capacity and become the largest.

– The next challenge was to provide each and every 1,10,000 viewers with the unhindered view of what was going on in the Cricket field.

– Another challenge that the Design Team of Populous faced was the tight timeframe. The stadium was constructed in 3 years despite its size of 63 acres.

 6 – What innovations can you see at the new Motera Stadium?

  • Each of the 1,10,000 spectators can enjoy uninterrupted action on the field – the ground provides its 360-degree views. It ensures that every person is a part of what’s happening at the center stage.
  • The stadium comes with 2 large seating tiers each with 50,000 general class seats. It can fill the lower levels for smaller events and still let people take an extensive view of the action on the ground.
  • The pedestrian flow of the newly built stadium is innovative with vehicular movement on the ground level. One level up, there will be the pedestrian movement – it will ensure cut-to-cut segregation to cut off congestion.
  • The Northside of the Motera Stadium is meant for General spectators – they will enter on the 1st floor through a 12-meter high ramp. It will lead to creating an incredible plaza for the spectators.

7 – What will be the impact of the new Motera Stadium?

Motera Stadium -KhelTalk Overview
  • It is redeveloped to not only to stage all-important local and international Cricket games but even for community uses.
  • The community indoor Cricket academy is made available with a dormitory for around 40 athletes – letting students from India and across the world attend.
  • The academy also comes with 6 indoor practice pitches and 3 outdoor practice fields.
  • It is slated to become the iconic hub for sports for the elite as well as budding players. The Sardar Patel Stadium in Ahmedabad will also rank among one of the greatest Cricket stadiums – letting the Gujarat Cricket Association rise on the worldwide sports arena!

8 – What was the cost of revamping the Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad?

The overall cost of the renovation that was executed by Populous and Larsen and Toubro is $110 million or roughly Rs.800 crores during 2017-2020.  

Motera Stadium -KhelTalk Overview

9 – Key Cricket statistics of the Motera Stadium

The Sardar Patel Stadium in Ahmedabad has been a witness to many records in Tests, and ODIs. Have a look:  

Test Cricket records at Motera Stadium 

Highest innings total – 760/7 by Sri Lanka while playing against India on November 16 2009 in the 2nd innings.

Lowest innings total – 76 made by India Vs South Africa during the 1st innings on April 3 2008.

Highest individual score – 275 off 435 balls (27 x 4 and 1 x 6) by Mahela Jayewardene of Sri Lanka.

One-Day International records at Sardar Patel Stadium  

Highest total – 365/2 made by South Africa Vs India on February 27 2010.

Lowest total – 85 by Zimbabwe Vs West Indies on October 8 2006.

Highest individual score – 144 in 152 balls (8 x 4 and 6 x 6) made by India’s Sourav Ganguly against Zimbabwe on December 5 2005.

Other major landmarks at the Motera Stadium

– Sunil Gavaskar accomplished his 10,000 Test runs during the year 1986-87 Vs Pakistan.

– Kapil Dev went past the record of Sir Richard Hadlee of 431 wickets in Tests and emerged as the highest wicket taken during that time.

– ‘Little Master’ of India Sachin Tendulkar made his 1st Double Hundred in Tests while playing in a Test game vs New Zealand in October 1999.

10 – Why the Motera Stadium has a special place in the hearts of Indian fans?

The Motera Stadium (Sardar Patel Stadium) holds a special place in the hearts of die-hard Cricket fans as it provided them with many special memories to celebrate.

We have clubbed all those in this section so that you can relive those. Take a look:

  • The Australian Cricket Team was riding the success wave in its favor in World Cups winning 1999, 2003 and 2007 Editions – creating a hat trick of winning on the trot World Cups. India halted the Aussies’ surge during the Quarter Finals of the 2011 World Cup by beating them right here at the Motera Stadium. India went on to win the World Cup in 2011 after defeating Sri Lanka in Mumbai.
  • The Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar also went pass 18,000 glorious run marks in the same Quarter-Final clash against the Kangaroos. Sachin has had another record here when he scored his 1st Double Century Vs the Black Caps in 1999.    

Quick facts about the new Motera Stadium at a glance

  1. The revamped Motera Stadium, also known as the Sardar Patel Stadium, comes with a seating capacity of 1,10,000 against its earlier 54,000. The plan to begin renovation on the Motera was approved by PM Modi, who had also served as the President of the Gujarat Cricket Association. Once it opens gates for an International Cricket match, it will dethrone the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) as the biggest stadium with the largest seating capacity.
  2. The Motera stadium is named after India’s 1st Home Minister (Vallabh Bhai Patel) who had a vital role in ensuring the territorial unity and sovereignty of India.
  3. Made in 1982, the ground had its first international Cricket match played between India and West Indies in 1983.
  4. The venue has so far hosted a total of 37 International Cricket Games. It has successfully hosted 12 Tests, 24 One-Dayers and 1 T20 until now. The match between India and Sri Lanka was the last ODI match here in 2014.   

When will you be able to watch a live match at the new Motera Stadium?

There were speculations that the refurbished Motera Stadium will host its 1st match post-renovation in March 2020 with a T20 match between Asia XI and World XI.

However, that has moved out of the picture as the premises is yet to be fully ready, a BCCI source has stated that earlier.  

So, when will the new stadium open its gates for its first match post-renovation?

If the reports of the BCCI are to be believed, India is looking to host England in a Day-Night Test match at the new Sardar Patel Stadium in January-February 2021. The reports came out after the BCCI’s Apex Council Meeting that was held recently.  

India played its maiden Night Test game in November 2019 Vs Bangladesh at the iconic Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

“Day-Night Tests will happen and we will announce it – the 2nd Test against England next year should be it at the Motera.” Saurav Ganguly was quipped as saying after the Apex Council Meeting was over lately. 

It’s a matter of a few months when you will be able to become a part of the history in watching the proceedings Live at the Motera, the latest Cricket Stadium in the world.  

Which is the Largest Cricket Stadium in the World?

Motera Stadium is now the World’s Largest Cricket Stadium. It has an enormous Seating capacity of 1,10,000 people. Before Motera Stadium, Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) was the largest cricket stadium in the world with a seating capacity of 1,00,024 people.

Which country has the most Cricket Stadiums in the world?

India has the most Cricket Stadiums in the world. The list is as follows-
– India – 44 Stadiums
– England – 20 Stadiums
– Australia – 18 Stadiums
– New Zealand – 16 Stadiums
– Pakistan – 16 Stadiums

Which Indian City has the largest Cricket Stadium?

Now, Motera Stadium is the largest Cricket Stadium in India. Before Motera Stadium, Eden Garden was the largest Cricket Stadium in India with a seating capacity of 68,000 people