The heaviest cricketer of Mumbai is watching the beefy Rahkeem Cornwall very keenly

Rahkeem Cornwall is an inspiration

Who is Rahkeem Cornwall? Rahkeem Cornwall has become the World’s heaviest cricketer after his debut against India in the test match that took place in Sabina park in Jamaica. He weighs about 140kg which is a lot of weight. But he is still trying to reduce his weight by working hard day and night. He is very keen that in the coming days he will reduce a lot of his body weight in order to get lean and fit. He should be happy with the feat of becoming the world’s heaviest weighing cricket but it is not that way.

It is so because International cricket demands agility. There is no doubt that he bowled more overs than any of his team members in the match and also took 2 spectacular catches to send back two Indian openers to the pavilion but running and saving runs for the team also matters. Cricket is a game of luck and in it every single run does matter.

Whereas before Rahkeem another player weighing 140kg and being the heaviest cricketer of the World has his eyes set on Rahkeem. He is very much impressed by Rahkeem’s performance. He is the son of Amjad khan named Seemab Khan.

Advice for Cornwall by the previous record holder

Seemab Khan has already played a match in Mumbai when his weight was 140kg and it was record at that time around 2 years ago. Whereas he has plenty of advices for Rahkeem for his future. He himself has not stepped into international cricket as he is keenly focused on just losing his weight and become leaner and faster than ever before.

He has gone through this condition before so he is well known of what to do and when to do. He has not forced Cornwall in losing his weight by following a strict diet plan or by doing what he has done because what worked for Seemab might not work for Rahkeem whereas he provided him with the importance of being leaner to perform better for the rest of his life.

He also put forth his experience that sometimes people with more weight are able to move swiftly whereas people with les weight are not able to be that swift. So, Cornwall should keep this thing in mind along with losing his weight because in the International stage there is no compromise on player’s performance.

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