Anthony Paul Pettis Net Worth 2022: Income, Endorsements, Cars, Wages, Property, Affairs, Family


What is the net worth of Anthony Paul Pettis?

NameAnthony Paul Pettis
Net Worth$3 Million
BornJanuary 27, 1987
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Source of WealthMixed Martial Arts
Last UpdatedDecember 2021

Showtime. A description for somebody who shows up and delivers a show that the people would remember after the act is concluded. The MMA world knows a person like that. His name is Anthony “Showtime” Pettis. The person who had a memorable fight against elite opponents like Tony Ferguson, Nate Diaz, Stephen Thompson, Michael Chiesa, Dustin Poirier, Max Holloway, Charles Olivera, etc.

The former UFC Lightweight Champion has fought in 3 MMA promotions in his entire career where he fought 36 fights and won 24 out of it recording 11 KO’s and 7 Submissions in his record ledger.

This article gives a closer look at his career, Net worth, car collection, residential profile, Endorsement deals and Business Ventures, some unknown facts of the “Showtime” and answers to some fan-related Anthony Pettis questions.

Net Worth

The showtime has shown in the octagon that he can do what he beats his drums about by putting on fights that people still remember. The most memorable fight is still his fight at UFC 229 against Tony Ferguson which was a bloody war where bombs were dropped and blood was shed under the roof of the T-Mobile arena that night.

This stature of Pettis has earned him a large sum of money or people in the fight say “Big bucks”. His reported net worth is $3 Million (which in INR equals Rs. 22,32,18,150) which includes his fight purse, a reported deal with Reebok signed back in 2014, and his upcoming fight show on UFC Fight Pass called “Showtime Fighting Championship”.

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Fight Purse

FightEventEarnings ($USD)
Vs Mike CampbellWEC 41$4,000
Vs Bart PalaszewskiWEC 45$3,000
Vs Danny CastilloWEC 47$16,000
Vs Alex KaralexisWEC 48$8,000
Vs Shane RollerWEC 50$22,000
Vs Benson HendersonWEC 53$26,000
Vs Clay GaudiaTUF: Team Lesnar vs Team dos Santos Finale$10,000
Vs Jeremy StephensUFC 136$20,000
Vs Joe LauzonUFC 144$89,000
Vs Donald CerroneUFC on Fox: Johnson vs Dodson$78,000
Vs Benson HendersonUFC 164$104,000
Vs Gilbert MelendezUFC 181$250,000
Vs Rafael Dos AnjosUFC 185$110,000
Vs Eddie AlvarezUFC Fight Night: Dillashaw vs Cruz$90,000
Vs Edson BarbozaUFC 197$90,000
Vs Charles OliveraUFC on Fox: Maia vs Condit$175,000
Vs Max HollowayUFC 206$135,000
Vs Jim MillerUFC 213$195,000
Vs Dustin PoirierUFC Fight Night: Poirier vs Pettis$200,000
Vs Michael ChiesaUFC 226$346,000
Vs Tony FergusonUFC 229$215,000
Vs Stephen ThompsonUFC Fight Night: Thompson vs Pettis$360,000
Vs Nate DiazUFC 241$175,000
Vs Diego FerreriaUFC 246$175,000
Vs Donald CerroneUFC 249$330,000
Vs Alex MoronoUFC Fight Night: Thompson vs Neal$350,000

Business Ventures

Anthony Pettis has been involved in some business ventures which include his show, sponsors he promotes, endorsement deals. All these deals are taken care of by him and his management team called “Showtime Group” (Instagram ID:- @showtimegroup)

  • Reebok and Pettis made a deal back in 2014.
  • Anthony also has a management team called Showtime group which reportedly also looks for young fighters for their training.
  • Pettis has launched a fight show called “Showtime Fighting Championship” which will be on air on UFC Fight Pass on a later date in 2022.
  • Anthony also promoted a tattoo cream product called “Mad Rabbit”.
  • Along with Duke Roufus and Scott Joffe, Anthony Pettis owns Roufusport MMA Academy.
  • He also owns a bar in Milwaukee called Showtime Sports Bar.

Residential Profile

There is no such information regarding the house of Pettis besides his residential location in Milwaukee, WI. There was an incident back in 2016 in front of his house. His 2 cars (Dodge Challenger and Cadillac Escalade) were burnt to a crisp by some teenage criminals who were sentenced at the time of the hearing. This incident was before his Interim Featherweight title fight against Max Holloway which he went to fight despite of constant advice of pulling out.

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Family Life

Anthony Pettis was born on January 27th, 1987 in the city of Milwaukee, WI. He grew up as one of the 3 brothers and 3 sons of Eugene Pettis Jr. and Annette Pettis. He grew up on the south side of the city. He also has belonging to Mexican and Puerto Rican ancestry. He has a bad memory from his childhood as he saw his father getting shot by criminals in his friend’s home when he was 16.

He was learning Taekwondo and Boxing at the age of 5 and after that he took wrestling at his college. He is also trained in capoeira.

NameAnthony Paul Pettis
D.O.B.January 27th 1987
Birth PlaceMilwaukee, WI
Siblings2 Brothers
Name of MotherAnnette Pettis
Name of FatherEugene Pettis Jr.
Name of Sibling #1Reynaldo Pettis
Name of Sibling #2Sergio Pettis
AncestryMexican and Puerto Rican

Relationship Status

Аnthоnу Реttіѕ hаѕ bееn іn а rеlаtіоnѕhір wіth Lіѕеttе Gаdzurіс. Не рrороѕеd tо hеr whеn thеу wеnt оn а vасаtіоn іn Аrubа. Тhеу gоt еngаgеd tо еасh оthеr аnd аlѕо ѕhаrеd thеіr рісturеѕ оn Іnѕtаgrаm. He also has a child named Itzcali Sol Pettis. The daughter was born on June 16th, 2021.

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Social Media Appearance

Showtime is known to be active on social media. He usually promotes his ventures and upcoming fights of him and his brother Sergio Pettis. He sometimes posts stuff about his family and sometimes he posts old clips of some old boxing fights or some of his fights too. He is on all 3 known platforms of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Instagram1.5 Million@showtimepettis
Facebook736KAnthony “Showtime” Pettis

MMA Career Statistics

Vs Mike CampbellWEC 41Win
Vs Bart PalaszewskiWEC 45Loss
Vs Danny CastilloWEC 47Win
Vs Alex KaralexisWEC 48Win
Vs Shane RollerWEC 50Win
Vs Benson HendersonWEC 53Win
Vs Clay GaudiaTUF: Team Lesnar vs Team dos Santos FinaleLoss
Vs Jeremy StephensUFC 136Win
Vs Joe LauzonUFC 144Win
Vs Donald CerroneUFC on Fox: Johnson vs DodsonWin
Vs Benson HendersonUFC 164Win
Vs Gilbert MelendezUFC 181Win
Vs Rafael Dos AnjosUFC 185Loss
Vs Eddie AlvarezUFC Fight Night: Dillashaw vs CruzLoss
Vs Edson BarbozaUFC 197Loss
Vs Charles OliveraUFC on Fox: Maia vs ConditWin
Vs Max HollowayUFC 206Loss
Vs Jim MillerUFC 213Win
Vs Dustin PoirierUFC Fight Night: Poirier vs PettisLoss
Vs Michael ChiesaUFC 226Win
Vs Tony FergusonUFC 229Loss
Vs Stephen ThompsonUFC Fight Night: Thompson vs PettisWin
Vs Nate DiazUFC 241Loss
Vs Diego FerreriaUFC 246Loss
Vs Donald CerroneUFC 249Win
Vs Alex MoronoUFC Fight Night: Thompson vs NealWin
  • Total Fights :- 36
  • Total Wins :- 24
  • Total Losses :- 12
  • Total Wins by KO :- 11
  • Total Wins by Submission :- 7
  • Total Wins by Decision :- 6
  • Total Loss by KO :- 2
  • Total Loss by Submission :- 2
  • Total Loss by Decision :- 8

Achievements in MMA

  • 1x GFS Lightweight Champion
  • 1x WEC Lightweight Champion
  • 1x KO of the Night vs Danny Castillo
  • 1x Submission of the Night vs Shane Roller
  • 1x Fight of the Night vs Benson Henderson
  • 1x UFC Lightweight Champion
  • 2x Fight of the Night vs Dustin Poirier and Tony Ferguson
  • 2x KO of the Night vs Joe Lauzon and Donald Cerrone
  • 1x Submission of the Night vs Benson Henderson
  • 3x Performance of the Night vs Gilbert Melendez, Michael Chiesa, and Stephen Thompson

Unknown Facts

  • Pettis once received a Certificate of Achievement award by Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker on 12/02/2013.
  • Pettis is a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo.
  • Anthony Pettis has wins in 3 different divisions. (Featherweight- 145lbs, Lightweight- 155lbs, Welterweight- 170lbs)


Q- What is the full name of Anthony Pettis?

Anthony Paul

Q- How many divisions does he compete in?

3 Divisions. (145lbs, 155lbs, 170lbs)

Q- Is he married to someone?

No. He is although in a relationship with Lіѕеttе Gаdzurіс

Q- What is his current record?


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